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  • 10 things your husband wants to hear from you

10 things your husband wants to hear from you

Your man always do efforts to make you happy and plan for your happiness here is the time to make him realize how much you love him and trust him.

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Men are not like women, they do not show their feelings at all like us, this is why we need to tell them about feelings frequently. It may be by a small gesture, a kiss or a glance. These are all a part of everyday’s love between both of you, but it is also good to use words to tell him what you feel for him. These are the 10 phrases that always remind him of your love no matter the occasion.

1. I Love You


Your man wants to listen I love you as same as you like to listen from him, but the thing they do not show this. To make clear your feelings for him, always regardless of time or place. The constantly hear will give security to their feelings and feel loved reciprocally.

saveMahima Bhatia
Photo: Mahima Bhatia

 2. I am proud of you

For each thing you do that you inflate the heart. Their values for their work, for their achievements at all levels. Nothing more rewarding than to feel the admiration of your partner so let him know how much you proud of him.

3. I ​​respect

Respect raises the value of your love and increases his protective instinct towards you. Because respecting him gives you unsaid promise of never going to hurt you, will care for you lifelong, and honestly everyone love to be respected by their partner. ​​

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Photo: Tarun Jha

 4. I trust you

Trust is the most valuable thing a couple have, because it makes you feel safe, honest and gives calm to your heart. Let him know how much you trust him to own your life.

5. I miss you

Some time being away from him even a moment or on his office trip at the he need to lives you alone at home. Remind him that you are missing his presence and love, either by a message, call or mail. Make him feel that you are always present for him.

saveMahima Bhatia
Photo: Mahima Bhatia

 6. I love how you look

I love how you look, it makes him see that despite the time that you still your love and attraction has not faded. Tell him you like how it looks with and without clothes, remind him daily how handsome he is and endorse their confidence and self-esteem.

7. You make me happy

You make me feel happy, this sentence reaffirms love and happiness from him, concern and dedication that has set the relationship has fulfilled its main objective.

saveNikhil Arora
Photo: Nikhil Arora

8. You make me feel safe

This line you make me feel safe, nothing can make you feels better than knowing you have the peace and love from the man who loves you very much. Feeling safe, quiet and confident that he is doing things right. Now it’s time to say it to your man.

saveMahima Bhatia
Photo: Mahima Bhatia

 9. Thanks

Thanks for being in my life, thanks for your love, thanks for making me worthy and thanks for all you did for me. These lines are not just line for him, it means lot to him too thanking him does not mean a formality you are doing as there is no formality in love relationship but sometimes thanking is special feeling one can have.

10. Sorry

Yes it is true “No Thanks, No Sorry in Love and Friendship” but truthfulness these two words binds your relationship sometimes. Saying sorry for your mistakes is never wrong and it will be appreciable from him too.

saveMahima Bhatia
Photo: Mahima Bhatia

Sometimes the couple is essential in making certain decisions and life of two requires constant and mutual support. Trust, love, thanks, sorry these words are not just words these are the keys to make your love and relationship strong We all like to feel desired, especially for the person with whom we share daily.

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