11 Things you should Demand from your Partner without Hesitation in Relationship

It is normal that there are certain things in your relationship that perhaps you have not dared to tell your partner. We would like to make you  aware of these things.  There is no need to be ashamed, so have a look at these 11 things that you should demand without hesitation in your relationship. Take a look!


If there is no respect, there is nothing left in your relationship. It is really good thing, if you listed the person with whom you don’t require this point. It is more important to discover many things that keep you in your relationship.

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Any Advice

Life would be much more difficult if we did not help the people we want, so never feel discomfort asking for some advice or suggestion from your partner. This should be rule of your relationship.

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Sincerity is essential for any relationship to work, so if you feel that communication is not your strong point, you should talk to your partner and demand it without any anxiety.

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Your own Space

Sometimes you need to have your own space to do your thing, go out with your friends or just want to spend time with yourself or your stuff. Do not be embarrassed and tell your partner.

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 Hang out with your Friends

Yes , you’ve gone many times with your partner and have attached to their plans, and the truth is that you don’t care because you just want to be with your partner, but occasionally would be not awful to go out with your friends don’t you think ? So do not be discomfited to demand for it.

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Having fun Moments

When you take a lot of time in a relationship, it becomes part of your daily lives. It should be not like that, always sharing your serious issues or just talk on some topics, there should be some fun moments which make you laugh.

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 Acceptance and patience

Another extremely important point is that your partner should accept you as you are and if your need to try to improve some things in your. Partner need to be patient at that time because things take time to change.

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 You see the movie you want

It is time to put aside the action movies, cars and guns, which your partner love to see. If normally you do not choose the film of your choice because you love him, it is time to insist that you want to see some romantic movie this week.

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 Spend more time with your family

Your family is very important to you, so if he wants to be part of your life, he should to be willing spend more time with the people you love. There is no harm to demand for this point.

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There is no woman in the whole world who does not like surprises. Every one love to be surprised by their partner. It is not at all wrong to surprise your partner occasionally and ask your partner to surprise you some time.

Photo: Nikhil Arora

 That is positive and optimistic

If your partner has not always been the most optimistic or positive person in the world, it is time to demand for change, but do not forget that at this point you need help him. And remember that positive people always bring good things into your life.

Photo: Nikhil Arora

Having Trust and Love in between each other, they make perfect relationship. Taking your Love to the sky with all your wants and need, sharing ups and downs, good and appalling things and making good things memorable and bad things forgettable is all known as Relationship.

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