4 Creative Location Ideas For Your Wedding Photography

With all the many activities, ceremonies and guests on your wedding day, it can be difficult to spend a lot of time with your photographer to get emotional, intimate and artistic photos with your loved one. This is why more and more couples are opting to have a pre or post-wedding shoot, one on one.

Photo: Studio Be Unique

If you’re going to do this, then you can have a lot of fun with some amazing backdrops in order to create incredibly romantic keepsakes. Firstly, think about your personalities as a couple, then decide on a location that represents this. Are you into culture and history? Are you into nature? Do you both like adrenaline or travel? The point of a pre-wedding shoot is that you can find the time to be creative and truly represent yourselves as a couple.

Here are a few popular location ideas that we love:

1. Beach

Feel the soft sand beneath your bare feet, and the sun-kissing rays on your skin, as you look into you your fiancé’s eyes and have the special moment captured through a photographic lens. There is just something about beaches that feels raw, natural and romantic. 

If you time it well, you can have your special wedding photos taken with a sunset backdrop, for vibrant colours surrounding you both as the focal point.

2. Theme Park

If you’re a fun-loving couple looking for an exciting wedding photography back drop that is void of all cliché, then find an adventure or theme park, and the possibilities for creative photos are endless.

Show off your personality and your inner child with this lively and amusing idea.

Photo: Canonboy Productions
Photo: Canonboy Productions

3. Historical Buildings

Old ruins and historical buildings are authentic, grand, and inextricably aligned with culture. So, if you have an interest in cultural heritage, or know a particular building that means something to you both, then this is the perfect idea for a wedding photography backdrop.

Romance plots are timeless, and so posing in front of old and historical buildings will add the fairytale touch to your artistic photos.

Photo: Man with a camera
Photo: Next Shutter Studio

4. Boat Trip

Boats are a symbol for journeys, so, seeing as you are embarking on your journey into marriage, they make great settings for your couple photos. Whether it’s a yacht, a rowing boat or a sailing catamaran, being out at sea with no-one but each other and your expert photographer will make for a set of incredibly stunning photos. Especially if you love the serenity of water and have a particular affliction for sailing or boats.

Photo: House on the Clouds
Photo: Studio Be Unique

We hope to have inspired you that your pre or post wedding photo shoot doesn’t have to be boring! Reflect your individual personalities and interests through creative photos in amazing settings. 

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