How to be an Ideal Husband!

Every girl from her childhood has imagined a prince charming as her life partner or husband. Marriage is not everyone’s cup of tea, it takes courage to commit someone and accepting her as your life partner for whole life. It is an institution where we learn to care, share, love and commit for a lifelong relationship and find the bring forth the best version of oneself. Many times we’ve seen disagreement and fights among couples, but don’t panic. It is a part of life and don’t forget life without hurdles isn’t a worthy life. We must take challenge and strive to be in a win-win position.

A girl left her home, her name because for you. So it’s your responsibility to take care of her, no matter what situation you’re facing. Now prove your lady that you’re her prince charming whom she has seen in her dreams.

1.Love and Respect

Every woman in this world likes those men who respect women. And when it comes for your lady love or your better half it’s your first priority to respect her. Respecting and loving your wife is essential for your married life, so love your wife as much as you can. It should be unconditional, she is very soft and sensitive. Give her your time. Go for vacations often, it will give an amazing phase to your married life.

2. Understand her and care for her

In a married life what one expects from his/her partner is a great understanding power. You should step into her shoes whenever she asks for your help. Don’t force her to accept anything you say, she also has her own opinion. Let her decide what is right and don’t forget to take care for her. No matter how strong she is but still she needs your love and care. Your chemistry should be on the top as it is your married life. Share your life experiences with her, try to be her best friend.

3. Appreciation

Whenever she made efforts for you appreciate her, she will love it. Admire her for what she is, don’t ever make her feel bad about herself and for yourself too. Tell her that you feel proud on her, being his man is also a feeling of proud for you. Whenever she cooks for you appreciate her, even if sometimes it doesn’t tastes well.

4. Sense of humor

Happiness comes when you spread it in your environment. Woman loves those man who has a great sense of humor. If you will have a great sense of humor then a tinge of it will work well in your married life. It will make your wife to look at you with a smiling face. Her smile is as bright as sunshine. Don’t forget to capture these beautiful moments where your sunshine is brightening your life and yeah you must agree that random clicks are the most astonishing clicks.

5. Give her presents

Presents will make your woman feel special and she’ll be so happy. As there is no woman in this world doesn’t like presents. It could be anything whatever your woman likes. Wait wait before buying a present for your lady love you must have done your homework on  her likes and dislikes. Flowers would create wonder when you present it to your wife.

6. Be manly

Every woman respects those men who are confident on his promises. They didn’t came in the frame of breaking their promises. A real man is someone who rejects all violence against woman, a woman can rely on his promises.

Below are some other useful tips through which you could be an ideal husband

  1. Embrace your wrongness.
  2. Don’t fidget while your wife is talking to you.
  3. Never ever tell your wife how to behave in public.
  4. Be smart and true – don’t let your soul of boyfriend go away from you and from your married life too.
  5. Don’t forget to fight and after it don’t forget to hug her tightly. It will work as an energy drink.
  6. Kiss often no need to worry but yeah when no fights, hugs and kisses start exists in your life then you might face some problem in your married life.
  7. Let her give you some advice, suggestions. She must be having her own opinion, if your woman is strong headed then nothing could be so sexy about her.
  8. Give her compliments, admire her, adore her.
  9. Control the pitch of your tone, she can hear you no need to yell.
  10. Give her own space, be friendly with her friends and of course remember that your lady love is the most beautiful lady after your mother.
  11. Respect her parents and family.
  12. Pamper her, girls love pampering.
  13. Sing for her even if you are bad at it, make her feel special. Dedicate her songs.

    Through these tips you can win your lady’s love heart along with respect. These tips will surely make your love life perfect with it’s little imperfection 3 things you need for your wedding to be perfect. Fall in love with your wife again and again and never let her go away from you.

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