5 Ways to Make Him Feel Special

There is big misconception that money can buy all the happiness. Yes, it can play a part but small surprises put up with love and efforts can leave a bigger or everlasting impact that even gifts bought from  market cannot. Nothing can be as good as acknowledging the fact that the person whom you love the most feels the same for you and keep you in its first place. Isn’t that special? Apart from this, you beautiful girls out there have a big range of alternatives to make your fiancé feel special.

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As your wedding day is approaching, try out these and make him feel like the luckiest groom in the world:

Cook for him

Everyone love to have some real delicacies served for them and when it comes to men, they become so much happy when their partner cooks for him. Make a list of what is loves to eat and watch some tutorials, cookery shows or cooking manuals or you can also join some cooking classes. Once you have learnt the procedure, you can put your own pinch of magic to it by adding an ingredient of love to it. Organize a romantic moonlight or candlelight dinner and serve him your idea of making him feel special. I will never be able to praise your enough!

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Show your concerns

When you are into somebody, your priorities and concerns are all governed by the other one. Be the first one to know his fears, sorrows, liking and disliking, spend time with him. Whenever he Is in a trouble, take a stand of him and never fail at giving your best of advices. Not only say but also implement it when you say you care and will always be there for him even if nobody is around. This will surely make him feel like he is the only one for you.

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Love his choices

This does not at all mean to give up on your likings but to know his picks and enjoy them together. For example, he might be video game savvy, a football player, a good chef or some adventure seeking person. Don’t ask him to devote more of his time with you and give lesser time to his hobbies, instead join him with his idea of fun and you both will have a great time together. He will surely feel special as you are accepting his choices and having fun with his ideas of amusement.

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Be affectionate

Be generous with your affection towards him. Don’t forget to make him feel that he is your perfect man and your love of life. If he feels that you truly love him, he will never ask for anything else ever. Nothing is as special as getting acquainted by the fact that your partner is in love with you and is not faking it.

Compliment his achievements

Whenever your man accomplishes something, be it small achievements only, don’t forget to compliment him and celebrate his victory. Tell him that he a great person and can definitely achieve more than this in future. Don’t over criticize him if he commit a small mistake, let it go or else it will let him go down on his confidence.

Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography

The idea of making your love feel special is not only to make him feel loved but it will also make him fall for you all over again and again. Be his idea of perfection, his beautiful lady, his source of happiness and his inspiration. You can more about it from How to Inspire Your man: Tips to Learn.

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