Bhatter Silver Arts

Bhatter Silver Arts

Founded in 1940, Bhatters is a family business of five generations of reputed merchants dealing in silverware. From a small humble beginning to opening up its first showroom named Bhatter & Company in 1965, Bhatters has evolved into a leading manufacturer and retailer with a client base that straddles across the Indian subcontinent. It was the vision and foresight of Lt. Shri Shree kishanji Bhatter that has brought us to this successful platform, with strong roots that are a blend of a powerful foundation of the manufacturing & retail business and infinite artistic creativity. It was this motivating legacy that was then passed onto the descendants who carried on the torch of Bhatters to new heights. Over the years, a combination of sound leadership, shrewd market analysis and strong commitment to innovation and quality has made the brand ‘’Bhatter’’ a respected one that resonates with customers and offers them a superior value proposition , brand ‘’BHATTER Silver Arts’’ is synonymous with elegance, grace and quality in silverware. Our unswerving commitment to excellence has acquired us a reputation for creating quality silverware of refined craftsmanship and pure elegance.
The ambience of over 4000 sqft shall surely cast a magical spell. Range of items of modernistic and traditional designs embellished with unmatched workmanship. Magnificent and largest showroom of pure silverware, pure silver furniture and pure silver trinkets..

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