Because Friends can become Family too!

Is your friends' wedding coming up? Do not forget to use these tips. They will surely help strengthen your friendship. Be stylish, be spontaneous, be crazy It's your friends wedding.

Of course no wedding is complete without the couples’ friends and family members surrounding them – they are arguably the life of the party! Without friends marriage looks like a black and white album or a cuisine without any taste. They are needed there to tell all the many memories there are to share, the bad jokes and the embarrassing stories – what a perfect way to share another huge step in life. Having them at your side is the best way to spend time with your friends because of course you will miss them when married life kicks in!, so make the most of the mischievous times with them.


You might have heard and experienced that a friend’s presence will add a tinge of happiness and laughter. Her/his presence will have a sparkle which will illuminate your wedding. However, be weary that friends do have a grey shade so be careful to not make a mistake in inviting them.

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Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days

Here are some tips through which you could be a perfect friend on your friend’s wedding

1. Don’t wait to be asked for help – Be pro-active

As a friend you have many duties and requirements that are to be fulfilled, and as a true friend you will do these without being asked too. Your instinct as a friend is to just take part, and contribute as much as you can- giving a helping hand to the family members to ensure the wedding ceremonies are complete smoothly without the concern of stress or tension. Be the friend that is prepared to go above and beyond shouting ´wait i will do it´to as much as you can. Ultimately this is what friends are for, right? to be there in the time of need, and what is not  a greater time of need than during your wedding? so guys, help avoid any disasters and long faces, help in all activities from who to add on to the guest list to making sure the to-be bride/groom have eaten.

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Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography

2. Shop until you drop 

Now girls who doesn´t love a bit of shopping? shop until you drop is our motto, however bear in mind that this is no ordinary shopping trip, this is the shopping trip of a lifetime. Buying all wedding related items is a huge thing, and for a nervous bride or groom having a friend at their side is just what they need! ideally you want to try and be the bride’s cheerleader, secretary and bursar all rolled into one. When it comes to outfit shopping get a feel for what styles she does and does not like, any accoutrements that might be up her alley, and more.  You may even want to write down the characteristics of each dress on a piece of paper, along with pros and cons,  during the actual trying-on period. doing all of this will surely help take a wight off of their shoulders! Do not panic ladies and gentlemen, Don’t panic here is the link for their perfect bridal dress How to choose the perfect wedding dress. Also be sure to not put your own personal choices into the mix: “There is a difference between not liking a dress because it’s of not your taste, and not liking it because it’s not right for the bride, “Just be careful how you word it”.

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Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days

3. Keep things in perspective

When we start to walk on the road it is obvious that we face traffic or rush, particularly during weddings. Every time you should have a plan B as precautionary measures to avoid any disappointment. Remember not to panic and keep things in perspective try to find the next best solution. Even if it is for decoration, photographers, music, food or dress.

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Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days

 4. Rock on her wedding ceremonies

No matter what other are thinking of you, it’s your friends wedding you have to show-off through your moves, sense of humour and outfits. But do not forget, whilst sharing all your amazing memories, not to disclose any of her secrets!  Blow her mind and surprise her with a song, skit and dance to dedicate to her.

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Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days

Below are some useful tips to remember on your friend’s wedding

  1. Match-up with the themes, your attire should match the theme.
  2. In mehndi dress up like the character of the song.
  3. Get a celebrity to shake a leg on her wedding
  4. Get older relatives on the dance floor
  5. Gift her a card on which each family’s member and guests wishes written for bride.
  6. Take charge of responsibilities of wedding from venue to her honeymoon.
  7. Make a feel free environment, it’s her wedding she might face mood swings, calm her down.
  8. Go completely crazy.
    savePhoto: Weddings by Knotty DaysLearn more about “Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days”
    Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days

    Do not forget to spread sparkles through your look. For a Bride’s perfect look go for the best make-up artist Ambika Pillai Makeup ArtistThrough these tips you will surely make your friend’s wedding perfect. Do not forget to add a tinge of your imperfection in it, it will rock the wedding.

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