How to avoid these 5 mistakes while buying a wedding gift

Gifting gives a kind of mental satisfaction. Smile on the recipient’s face is the greatest pleasure guests could get. But it is necessary to ensure that the smile is a original one. Keep these mistaes in mind while gifting.

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Receiving a gift never goes out of favour. We all have a little kid inside of us somewhere. And believe me, when we say that we are no different from the little munchkins at the end of a birthday party, ripping up that packaging to assess the party favour. “Wedding gifts have undergone a complete transformation, much like our Indian weddings have. The only thing stopping is your creativityHappyframes. We share these trivial mistakes guests generally make when selecting their wedding gifts that can make or break the reaction to wedding. If you know them you can avoid them.

savePhoto: Happyframes Photography.
Photo: Happyframes Photography.

Last Minute Planning

This is one of the most common mistake people make while deciding on a gift. You postpone buying your gift until the last moment. Then you end up on “HECK AM LATE” and buy anything, literally anything you can lay your hands on. As you haven’t given sufficient thought to what you are giving you end up screwing the whole process. So this tiny mistake is something that you can avoid if you plan the gift in advance. Get a perfect wedding gifts from Gifts by Meeta and show your gratitude and happiness toward the couple.

savePhoto: Happyframes Photography.
Photo: Happyframes Photography.

Gifting What You Like

Gifting based on one’s personal likes and dislikes can be all the more disastrous as different people have different tastes. Getting them something of your preference might work. But it also might not. So u have got to ask a question here. “M I lucky?“. Gifting is not about testing your luck. So it is better to try to put yourself in their shoes and buy what the couple would prefer to have. You can get your makeup for your wedding done by Purple Parrot and feel more confident for the wedding.

savePhoto: Happyframes.
Photo: Happyframes.
savePhoto: Purple Parrot.
Photo: Purple Parrot.

According to Ocassion

It is simply a taboo to present a self improvement gift which targets a particular short coming of the person. For example, weight loss supplements, hair loss tonic, slim fit etc are some of them which you cannot gift unless and until they ask for it. Though your intention may be right, the occasion is really wrong. You can get yourself a fantastic outfit from Rana’s  and just flaunt yourself.

savePhoto: Happyframes.
Photo: Happyframes.
savePhoto: Rana's.
Photo: Rana’s.

Re- Gifting

Re gifting done with right intentions is somewhat acceptable. Re gifting something you received as you feel it’s better suited to someone else is more or less acceptable. But it is extremely important to not gift used or awful gifts. Also presenting the gift to The couple in the same circle from where you received it can turn out to be embarrassing. Just think what happens if the gift gets displayed and you get caught. How to avoid makeup mistakes: 7 makeup mistakes no bride should make!

savePhoto: Happyframes.
Photo: Happyframes.

No Gifts At All

The mother of all mistakes! If you are not planning to gift then please don’t turn up for the event unless they know you are not getting them anything already. It really might get difficult especially if they have got you something before. An old trick in trend to cover up this mistake is giving them a card that tells them what you got them and that it is on the way. That way they have something to look forward to and they know you have thought of them. How to avoid these common wedding mistakes.

savePhoto: Happyframes.
Photo: Happyframes.

Giving the right gift is one very important virtue. We all make mistakes. After all we are humans. But making mistakes while gifting can create an embarrassing moment. Don’t give gifts that keep on giving. Often gifts we dislike are saved for others. How to avoid these mistakes at the time of jewellery shopping.

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