How to choose the perfect bridal bouquet

The centerpiece of your wedding is bouquet. It's the accessory which matches your dress and gives you an opportunity to spread love by tossing the bouquet.

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Your bridal bouquet is the accessory that will make your dress look more glorious. It’s a centerpiece of your wedding floral. A bunch of flowers tied together for you to hold for one whole day. You have to be careful before choosing your florist- choosing Kuber Flowers N Decor can be a good idea for making the bridal bouquet grand. These days bouquet is for self-expression as well as an essential bridal accessory that brings together a bride’s outfit and wedding theme in perfect harmony but in an old tradition, it symbolizes luck and fertility. Here, few aspects you should consider when selecting your bridal bouquet.

savePhoto: The Storyteller Photography.
Photo: The Storyteller Photography.

Go with the theme

Once you meet with your florist do tell theme what your wedding inspirations are, tell them about you wedding theme (if there’s any theme). Get a collage ready of what you want and show that to your florist this will help him to understand the vibe of your wedding. The theme that was chosen by the couple, was Iris Creation. A more monotone, classic, art decor wedding calls for simple floral arrangements that accompany the geometric design elements of your decor. In this case, your bouquet should be simple and have flowers that are more structured, like calla, lilies, and orchids.

savePhoto: Iris Creation.
Photo: Iris Creation.

A bouquet which has a special memory and which reminds of precious moments. Your wedding is one of the most special and important celebrations in your life, and you want every little detail to be perfect. What could be more perfect than a beautiful wedding bouquet loaded with beautiful memories? You can also opt for flowers that have meanings that are close to your heart. If you have a family heirloom such as an antique brooch, a lace hank or something else to work into your something old, new, borrowed and blue, ask your florist to add it into the top of the stems. All the flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today.

savePhoto: The Storyteller Photography.
Photo: The Storyteller Photography.

Perfect style bouquet

This point is technical but essential. Your bouquet should match your wedding dress and your own figure. A cascade bouquet will overwhelm a petite bride, while a small posy of pansies might not pair well with a tall bride. There are no set rules, but you should always remember to consider the proportions. A bouquet should neither overpower your look nor get lost in it.

savePhoto: The Storyteller Photography.
Photo: The Storyteller Photography.

 Outfit before bouquet

When you consult your florist remember to take a picture of your dress. The design of your bouquet is completely dependent on your style and dress. Always keep that happy attitude. Pretend that you are holding a beautiful fragment bouquet. The dress which the bride wore was selected by Shruti Sheth.

savePhoto: Shruti Sheth.
Photo: Shruti Sheth.

Shape, color and size 

Considering your dress your bouquet should be according to that. If you are wearing a dress your bouquet should be small and less. Do not hide your waist as this likely to be your narrow part, so make sure your bouquet is much narrow than your waist. Photography was done by The Storyteller Photography. The color is the main key, especially for whites and creams. There are so many colors with different shades, your florist can recommend you the perfect color of your bouquet which matches with your wedding dress and to compliment your partner’s dresses.

savePhoto: The Storyteller Photography.
Photo: The Storyteller Photography.

How to walk with your bouquet

When you are nervous before you wedding day many brides hold bouquet with two hands and carry it quite high which immediately lifts the shoulders up. This will lead to bad photographs. Keep your bouquet slightly away from your dress and below your hips. This will relax and open your shoulders, improving your posture and creating the best pose for your photographer. Walking with bouquet makes a bride look more beautiful especially when you are wearing a beautiful dress.

savePhoto: The Storyteller Photography.
Photo: The Storyteller Photography.

The bouquet toss is meant to spread luck to others. It is also used as a perfect symbol of the bride which accompany your partner.

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