How to look like an adorable bride on your amazing wedding day

From the endless sessions at the salon to those tiring trips to your designer, you’ve spent nothing less than a good three months just for your wedding day. These tips will surely help you become an adorable bride.

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Looking for ideas, flipping through magazines, browsing online, and checking out facebook and Instagram of married friends. Those who are in strict denial of the fact that their wedding is approaching fast and they still don’t have a clue about what they should wear. “Whether you’re going for a natural look or for something with a little more class, chances are you’ll surely want to show your best face on your wedding day. Your makeup and skin have to look picture perfect” Dimplle S Bathija. If you are a bride to help, you are at the right place!

savePhoto: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.



One of the most trendy makeup looks is the classic makeup look. For such an important occasion, you shouldn’t miss the lipsticks and the eyeliners. Your eyes will become more charming with a pretty eye makeup. Apart from the lipsticks, the bright lips will make you look even more stunning. You can also try a finer look with light lips and smoky eye makeup looks. If you want your eyes to look bigger and adorable, you can turn to the curly lashes for help, which will give you a cute doll look.6 ideas to look like a ravishing bride with trendy makeup/

savePhoto: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.
savePhoto: Dimplle S Bathija
Photo: Dimplle S Bathija.

Wedding Outfit

Brides now a days are very clear with what they want. Due to so many rituals, the wedding ceremonies are celebrated throughout many days. Since it’s a once in a lifetime experience, the bride wants look different for each and every function. Styles and shades of the bridal dress have evolved in the past few decade, therefore, giving brides the opportunity to experiment with new colours rather than the same old reds, maroons, and golds. Today’s designs combine beautifully with modern cuts and elegant embroidery with mature colours. We all want to look our best in our wedding and Sionnah can help you with your wedding dress.

savePhoto: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.
savePhoto: Sionnah.
Photo: Sionnah.

Stunning Jewellery

Jewellery completes a woman’s look and forms an important part of a bride’s get up to give an amazing look to her personality on the biggest day of her life. Undoubtedly, bridal jewellery adds glamor to the bride’s look and forms a featured part of her wedding shade. Every bride dreams of looking like a princess on her wedding and jewellery make that dream come true by giving an amazing effect to her personality. In fact, every bride also desires to wear jewellery which makes her look different and also goes well with her attire and overall getup. Suhana jewels can make you look different from the rest with their stunning jewellery because you need to look best from the rest.

savePhoto: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.
savePhoto: Suhani Jewels.
Photo: Suhani Jewels.


Mehndi ceremony is an important part of an Indian wedding. The henna paste is applied on palms in an expanded fashion and there are a lot of bridal mehndi designs. The core significance of applying mehndi is just a couple of days before the wedding. Mehndi is also referred as a meditative herb. Amazing and classic Bridal Mehndi Designs in brides hand is named “SHAGUN” it is assumed that it shines the life of the bride. Shalini Mehndi Artist can make your mehndi the one with darkest of henna.

savePhoto: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.
savePhoto: Shalini Mehendi Artist.
Photo: Shalini Mehendi Artist.


After making one of the most important wedding decisions of selecting your wedding outfit, the next thing that should be on your list is wedding accessories. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and you can’t achieve this without the bestI accessories to complement your outfit. You don’t want to look messy at your own wedding. From shoes to nail paint to bindi, etc all of them are important as much as your makeup and dress. How a Bride can look confident on her Wedding day.

savePhoto: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.

Get your bridal swag on, because your wedding will be like no other. Gone are the days when weddings were just worked, running around and long, boring ceremonies. Your wedding pictures have to be the amazing and unique one’s and Candid Wedding Stories can help you with your wedding photos.

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