7 Important Bridal Makeup Tips That No One Will Give You For Mehendi Ceremony

We roped in Zubia Ahmed, the makeup expert from Kanpur, to reveal the makeup secrets to our brides, so that you stay unsullied under the sun at your Mehendi ceremony.

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Mehendi! Sun! Fun! These are the top three words associated with this exhilarating ceremony. But to have fun in the sun at your Mehendi ceremony, every Indian bride needs to ensure that her makeup stays flawless from dawn to dusk. The reason we roped in Zubia Ahmed, the makeup expert from Kanpur, to reveal the makeup secrets to our brides, so that you stay unsullied under the sun.

Here’s what she has to say-


The most prominent concept of style that is revolving around 2018 is ‘KEEPING IT MINIMAL YET ELEGANT’. Well that’s how it is, stylish, fresh and radiant.

 Wedding season is around the corner and all my brides to be are eager to search for that one perfect look for their big day. But apart from that ‘BIG WEDDING DAY’ there are lots of other functions that you have to look out for. Amongst all the functions your mehendi ceremony is going to be the most chilled out, sassy and vibrant affair. Mehendi is that special pre-wedding function where the entire vibe is filled with colors and the aroma of fresh henna. Bride-to-be is the star of the ceremony hence her outfit to her hairstyle, everything has to be on point. Especially Make-up has to be in such a way that will definitely compliment your entire chilled out Mehendi look and make it a memorable day for you.

Today I am going to share 7 important Make-up tips and tricks that no will give you for your Mehendi ceremony.


Few years back there was a tradition of not wearing any makeup on bridal functions so that the bride looks completely different on her big day. Apparently in this era of H-D camera it’s nearly impossible for any girl to sit under the camera lightings without any makeup on.

One major important tip is to go for a fresh, dewy and soft makeup look that looks radiant both in person and on camera.

Tip: before starting with your makeup base-

  1. a) Do cleansing, toning and moisturizing. It will remove all the dead skin layer of your face and give it a fresh look.

 This step will give you that perfect dewy finish that will make you glow from within. Specifically use an essential oil according to your skin type for example; tea tree oil if you are an acne prone skin or any normal lavender or rose gold oil if you are normal to combination skin type.

saveSource: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock


Today I am going to tell you one major makeup trick that no one will ever reveal, it’s my little discovery that will change your final makeup look and the entire finish will be beautiful. Use your makeup setting spray before you apply your base products instead of using it at the end of your makeup. This step will make sure your skin is perfectly hydrated and it also works as a perfect primer that will keep your makeup intact for longer duration.


You must have definitely heard of liquid highlighters, but do you know the exact trick to maximize it’s real finish? I will tell you a secret that will glam up your mehendi look. Use liquid highlighters on the high points of your base before using your foundation. Blend the entire highlighter with your beauty blender so that it looks seamless and natural.

saveSource: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock


Apparently mehendi ceremony is all decked up with colours but your makeup should be entirely neutral to compliment the beautiful colors of your outfit. Eye makeup is that one important feature that can definitely change your entire look. Play with all the nude shades in your eye shadow palette and create some magic. One major tip is:

  1. a) Use tints and hues of browns to define your crease and make it very prominent.
  2. b) Use a neutral shade on your eyelid and apply a hint of colour that goes well with your outfit to give your eye makeup a ‘POP’ of colour. Trust me swear I by this technique and it will look extremely beautiful. Avoid using any glitter on your eyelid to give your look a touch of simplicity.


It’s very important to choose the right shade of blush since the entire mehendi makeup look is going to be natural and dewy. The most important tip to choose the right shade of blush is according to your skin tone. If you are fair to medium skin tone peach blush is going to be your perfect shade. Pink shade will be the perfect shade if you are medium to dark skin tone. The right technique to apply blush is start from your cheekbone and move close to the end of your eyelashes. Trust me choosing and applying the right shade of blush can transform your entire look.

saveSource: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock


Nearly most of the time for your mehendi ceremony you might think of wearing a dark or heavy lip colour on your lips since your entire makeup will be really subtle. But a natural makeup with a light shade of pink, peach or nude shade is the latest style of many brides. It looks royal and most importantly it does not steal your charm of being natural with your entire look.


Your entire mehendi look will remain incomplete without structuring your face properly. Contouring should be soft and accurate. One major tip to share especially for mehendi look is “use powder contouring and replace your cream contour when it comes to pre-wedding ceremonies”. Since pre-bridal functions are all meant to be chilled out and so should be your makeup.

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Source: Shutterstock

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