6 ways to look dazzling as a couple on your wedding

Enjoy the moment. This is one of the happiest days of your life! Try not to worry to much during the actual service and just enjoy the day. So go and dazzle your wedding with your looks.

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“Looking great on your wedding day means being energized, relaxed, and ready to start a brand new life with your future spouse. You will be sharing this special day in front of your family and friends, and you want to look great” Deepanshi of Happyframes. After all, you will be remembering this day for the rest of your life and the way you look will forever be captured in camera. Looking amazing on your wedding day isn’t difficult with the right methods and preparation.

savePhoto: Happyframes.
Photo: Happyframes.

Your Outfit


The best part of a special occasion would always be shopping for a dress. If you haven’t got a dress in mind, try flipping through magazines for inspiration! Sometimes, it’s hard to know what design looks best on your body type. It’s much easy to fall for a dress and not be able to see that it might not be the best option for you personally. This is why getting the view of any friend or cousin is priceless in picking the perfect outfit. Pick a dress which flatters your body shape and is suitable for the occasion. You can get yourself a fantastic outfit from Gladrags Party Solutions to rock your wedding.

savePhoto: Happyframes.
Photo: Happyframes.
savePhoto: Gladrags Party Solutions.
Photo: Gladrags Party Solutions.

Your Shoes

While you want to purchase good looking shoes, you should also make sure that they don’t hurt your feet! Remember that you will be wearing these shoes all day for your wedding. They should be fashionable but also comfortable. Match your shoes with your dress by making sure they are of the same shade. If they aren’t the same color, make sure that something about them, whether it be an accent or an adornment, matches your dress or suit. You can go for Jimmy Choo for your wedding shoes and impress the rest.

savePhoto: Happyframes.
Photo: Happyframes.
savePhoto: Jimmy Choo.
Photo: Jimmy Choo.

Your Accessories

Many brides, choose to accessorise their wedding outfits. A fine necklace, pair of earrings, or watch can be a great way of making the outfit look complete. The key to buying the perfect accessory is to find one that matches your outfit but is special and unique on its own. Choose one or two accessories. Less can be more when it comes to accessories because too much can look overdone. You need a watch to accessories your look and you can go to Timex India for solutions.

savePhoto: Happyframes.
Photo: Happyframes.

Your Makeup & Hairdo

Many women choose to wear makeup on their wedding day. Even if you do not normally wear makeup, consider wearing it on your wedding day to give yourself the assurance of smooth skin and that extra rosy glow. If you’re getting your hair done at a salon, be sure to book that appointment and make sure that your stylist can recreate on you what you had in mind. Pictures will always help greatly. Many brides go for makeup artists in addition to professional hairstylists. This makes your life easier, and since makeup can get messy it takes that worry out of the equation. You need a perfect makeup for your wedding day and Sakshi Sood can help you out with it.

savePhoto: Sakhshi Sood.
Photo: Sakhshi Sood.

Stay Healthy

Establish exercise routine about half a year before your wedding. Try to work out at least 3 to 4 times a week. This is the minimum time your body needs to see the impact on your body. Working out doesn’t only tone and thin your body, it’s also a great stress buster. As you are starting your fitness routine, make an effort to eat healthier. Nothing better than a good night’s rest to recharge you so that you can have more energy to get ready for that special occasion! What to Wear to a Winter Wedding.

savePhoto: Happyframes.
Photo: Happyframes.

Look Great in Pictures

A huge part of looking dazzling at your wedding is looking good in your wedding pictures. It’s a photographers job to make sure you look fantabulous. They know what you are looking for in your wedding photos and will give you instruction and feedback as they click. Make sure to smile and smile big, natural smile. Remember how happy you are on this day and try to let that show in your face. Concentrate on making the smile go all the way to your eyes! How to organize a Grand Wedding.

savePhoto: Happyframes.
Photo: Happyframes.

Accept congratulations and compliments. Everyone will be coming up to you and telling you how happy they are and how great you look. They aren’t lying! Accept their compliments and feel confident that you look fantastic. 5 Ways to Make Him Feel Special.

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