How to organize a Grand Wedding

Indian weddings are famous in the world for their shimmering colors, customs and cultural quirks. It is no wonder that people around the world consider an exotic Indian wedding, as their top priority on their wedding wish list. India has became a hub of grand and royal wedding. When we talk about wedding in Indian style then, it means fun events and ceremonies for a week. You will never see the hip n happening, colorful, joyful celebration in your life except in Indian wedding.

Indian wedding has a celebration of a week during wedding as it consists different traditional rituals also. If you are planning to have an exotic wedding then, by following these tact’s you can organize your grand wedding.

Hire the best wedding organizer

When things are organized we can see the best results it could be studies, work, wardrobe, kitchen or anything. So it’s your wedding your life’s most precious celebration which will lasts forever, it should be organized in the best possible way. Hire the best wedding organizer who will execute your dream day in a perfect manner. Fix a budget and hire a wedding organizer, he/she might ask you for your likes and dislikes so in brief they will be able to understand your perception.

Selection of the venue, decorator and theme, caterer, photographer and music

Venue selection is quite a time taken and crucial part of the wedding because it should be selected after checking your guest list. How much capacity you need, and as per it theme should be selected. What will be the decoration for the ceremonies in your wedding, as without heart we can’t survive and in wedding without lights and decoration we cannot see the life in it. Decision should be mutual because it’s not only of bride’s dream day but also of groom. Don’t forget to invite your relatives and friends. Get the latest stylish invitation designs to stun your guests.

Wedding’s ceremonies

The first ceremony took place before wedding is of engagement. The bride and groom exchange the rings. You can carry an indo-western attire with the elegant jewellery.

The second ceremony is the most fun loving ceremony of the wedding i.e. Mehandi and sangeet. Here to give an astonishing look you could go for the attire which showcases the brightness of life. click here to add more fun to your Mehandi Celebration. The decoration of mehandi and sangeet would be with the flower balls and umbrellas. Get the Expert Florist Planing to redolence your wedding 2017. It will look amazing to your wedding album. In sangeet to make it a grand celebration invite a celebrity to shake a leg with you and your family. Don’t forget to smile it’s your wedding time Get ready for your Wedding Photo Shoot with Tarun Jha

The third ceremony is of haldi and bhaat in which all the family members rub haldi on bride’s face and exposed area. It works as a natural facial to bride’s and groom’s skin too. It is the most happening event and random clicks from haldi looks marvelous.

Bhat is a ritual usually followed by bride and groom’s maternal family members. In which the family members gifts bride and her family along with their blessing.

The wedding

So now here’s the most important ritual has came ‘The Dream Day’ or your wedding day. It is your day, you should dressed up in a way which will reflect your grand wedding. Click here to get the best wedding dress for your dream day. Your look will not only furnish all needs, so you need to go for the best makeup artist, Footwear, jewellery also. Here we give you the best options for your grand wedding.


What could be the most important part of the wedding apart from bride and groom. It is guests, and apart from rituals and ceremonies what they like the most in the wedding is food. A delicious food can blow our mind, we all have tendencies of a great taste. The food will play as one of the crucial part of the wedding. Click here to hire the best caterer for your grand wedding. Food which tastes good and will make your wedding remarkable.

Below are the tips from which you can organize your grand wedding:

  1. Don’t forget to hire the best wedding organizer.
  2. Decoration themes, florist, photographers, caterer, designer, sound and music all should be booked before any other couple book them.
  3. Don’t mess up with yourself it’s your wedding, you need to be relax pamper yourself.
  4. Don’t forget to buy gift for your life partner.
  5. Go for pre-wedding photoshoot, it will give a new phase to your love life.
  6. Don’t forget to go for shopping without your partner, you could understand each other’s taste and preferences.
  7. Through a get together before your wedding day so, so families would come closer.
  8. Don’t forget for a bridal shower or a bachelorette party, c’mon it is your wedding. You are not supposed to not make your wishes fulfill.
  9. Make sure your wedding organizer would be able to make everything possible to make it a success event.
  10. Don’t forget to make a fabulous entry on your dream day. For fabulous entry click here.

Through these useful tips you can organize your grand wedding. Click here to make the most out of your wedding . A grand wedding will not only give an astonishing look to your wedding album but it also helps you to enjoy your dream day to the fullest without any hurdles or any fuss.

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