How to make a fabulous entry on your Wedding

Ordinary is too mainstream, your dream day should be unique in every way. On your wedding entrance, we bring you some more out of the box idea, which will add too much fun and adventure on your big day. Try out these unique entrance ideas which will make your wedding a remarkable wedding as well as do not forget flowers to include How to choose Flower Decoration for your Wedding.

Nagadas and Dhol

This one is the most traditional style, but still, it’s the best one. Its gives the most royal look and just makes a perfect way. Nagadas and Dhol gives us feel of a grand and luxurious wedding in a royal style which the Kings and Queens used to have. People might has seen this in Movies, you can go for this and whenever Dhol has played in weddings we assure you your guests will tap their feet on its beat!. The entry with the sound and beats of nagada and dhol will make your your wedding look stunning.

Sparkle entry

If your wedding is at evening or night, it’s probably the best way to do. Sparkling entry gives a spectacular look with adding fun to you and your guest. It would be even better if you can get colourful sparkles. Look of colorful sparkles will give an enlightenment feeling to you as well as to others. As colors plays a significant role in everyone’s life and it’ll brighten-up your mood and will you a feeling of ‘joy n happiness’. Sparkles and colors will add an staggering moment to your wedding. Get a sparkle look on your dream day by these experts Top 10 Makeup Artists in Delhi.


Glowing fairy lights and fun lighting ideas add so much creativity on night weddings. Its makes best picture, in fact, it creates an aura of fun event where ladies are walking all glowed up behind you. Make-up plays a significant role in it. Get a perfect look by clicking this link How to Get Perfect Bridal Makeup. As we have heard that ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ though glowing and happy faces will make the whole environment marvelous. Happy faces will give an extra glow to your dream day. Be good in your pictures How to be Perfect in Your Wedding Photos: 8 Mistakes to Avoid!

Public transport

Bikes, auto rickshaw, customized vehicle can make too much fun and perfect picture. If you really wanna make a bang-bang entry then, you can opt Thar or Gypsy which should be decorated with flowers. You can wear Shades to justify your entry or your cool entry. You have great option for your wedding transportation from travel agency India’s Invitation. Your married friends might get jealous of you as they had never experienced this kind of stunning entry. Don’t forget to capture your stunning look by the best photographers click on this link Top 12 best wedding photographers in Delhi.

Flash Mob

This one could be the most memorable part because your friends and guest are dancing in front you making you feel more special. Flash mobs are super fun! Isn’t it. Dhols are the coolest instrument which will force your body and feet to to rock on its beat. Coolest thing in it is, no one is supposed to be a good dancer. You should enjoy yourself and show your unique moves.

Silhouette entrance

This is probably the most creative yet simple way to do so. Few transparent curtains and just the two of you silhouette dancing to your favourite song. Here is the link through which you can dedicate a romantic song to your partner and make him fall in love with you again Top 10 Songs to Dedicate to your PartnerThat’s just how simple and fun it is. The whole ambiance should be covered by the Candles which will be soothing to your eyes. It’ll give a perfect picture to your album.

Enjoy your Dream Day without forgetting How to make the most out of your wedding!. Wait wait do not forget to invite your love ones How to Choose Wedding Invitation Cards, do take care of your menu for your guest How to choose the catering for your wedding? Be attentive to these 10 tips! 

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