How to Make Your Wedding Planning More Effective

We all have heard of big fat Indian weddings. With big happiness comes the big joy and big joy calls for a big celebration. For most of the families, wedding is the first big-time event they will ever plan in their lifetime and here, the bitter sweet truth is that, your pocket is the only master to give approvals. There are several thick and thins which we all need to remember before planning a wedding like the invites, food and venue. So, what will be your instant thought when you will plan a wedding? It’s your ‘budget’, because it is once in a life time investment that will create some greatest memories.

As ceremonies are soul and tradition of an Indian wedding, they may start before the wedding day and last for a week which, can’t be overlooked in any fashion. Before the big night, especially from bride’s side there are tons of expenses which have to be made. The question arises “How does one create a wedding budget? but when we plan for our dream day budget is just a word that is all”.

Following are few points to help you out with this;


A dream destination wedding or your own place, you have to decide the venue, keeping in mind things like, location, accessibility, area provided and its costs. Perfect location would be near countryside, hotels and other resort which are generally cheap and give a good view too. If one of my family member would be getting married I would personally refer an open sky venue because to avoid the overcrowding of people and since Indian wedding are generally held at night all the guest will enjoy the weather.

Theme and decoration is another thing you should keep in mind about as they make a big part of your dream day.


There are series of decision to be taken before any of the purchase or hiring any one for your wedding. You can’t really make a perfect budget; you can simply look out Top 10 Best Wedding Planners in Delhi

Music, food and some retreats. This is something a guest will always judge you upon. Music is the main essence of a marriage it’s always good to keep a feel-good music type than a rock or other music taste and a dance floor which can be an eve delight. A low beat music is generally more appreciated and will cost less than a rock or hard music taste.

A dine is the backbone of any event. Depending upon the guest’s taste you can also have open bar or closed bar system. Also, all Indians are not non-vegetarian and they might have issue with some flesh’s fragrance mixed in their vegetarian ones. So, keep different compartments for both kinds of food. A good photographer can always bring magic and life to your pictures. Try out these Top 12 best wedding photographers in Delhi.

Wedding invitations are another thing that cannot be overlooked. You can have different alternatives by having a look at How to Invite Your Wedding Guest Impressively


Everything, from the nail enamel to the wedding gown, a bride always wants her things to be pricey and not just her, every member of the family would love to spend some quality time in shopping centers. So, keep a different cash reserve for it as it come out to be a surprise or rather, shock to you.

Do not forget to have an eye on bridal collection, bridal jewelry Last but not the least you need to have an extra sum for all the miscellaneous expenses and be happy while spending those heavy bucks, they will be worth it, believe it!

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