How to Invite Your Wedding Guest Impressively

Your invitation is the very first thing that mark the beginning of your wedding. It should be portrayed at it's best and something novel.

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Wedding a big word and carry along even bigger responsibilities, there are many challenges faced by the two families. As we are contextualizing Indian weddings here, the pressure upon host heads is incredible. Guest list, food selection, decorations and so many events, everything should be done on time and according to all ‘muhurats’. To begin with, wedding invitations should not be ignored. It’s something which leave an everlasting memory for the two partners to look back after some years. It should be tailored with utmost creativity and love. So following are few alternatives from which you can opt your best type which suits your budget and personality.

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography.Learn more about “Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography.”
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography.

Script and Elegance


Hindi or English, go with whatever suits you. It can be a simple card designed with Hindi and Sanskrit verses or it can also be a mixture of several other understandable languages. Remember, good language and magic of fine words can team together to give away a great content. You can put some poem or short tail written by or for the bride and groom, defining their love. So lovely!

Something flower filled

Aromatic, which gives a fresh appearance as well. That even sounds so beautiful. Flower baskets, bouquets or bunches with a letter inside scripted with all your required details of the events. It will imprint a unique impression of your invitee.

savePhoto: Ravish Kapoor Innovative InvitationsLearn more about “Photo: Ravish Kapoor Innovative Invitations”
Photo: Ravish Kapoor Innovative Invitations

Artificial flowers and petals can also be used as an subsidiary tool to go with this idea if you don’t like our beautiful nature getting involved into this.

How about chocolates?

A kind-off goody box stuffed with sweets. It is believed that we should mark the starting of something big with some mouthful of sweets and nothing, in this world, can be as good as a hand-picked variety of chocolates and candies and ‘ladoos’ (favorite Indian sweet) with your wedding invitation. Just go, hit the confectionery store best at your place and choose them yourself. After all, it’s you who is going to get praised by everyone for the best idea and let the manager decide how to put them together at one place with your invitation card.

savePhoto:Design by Harpriya SinghLearn more about “Photo:Design by Harpriya Singh”
Photo:Design by Harpriya Singh

It can be a small wooden box, some crafty bowl or even an explosion box! Go on, think of somethsiing out of the box (of chocolates!).

savePhoto: Sinfully Yours.Learn more about “Photo: Sinfully Yours.”
Photo: Sinfully Yours.

Visual techniques

A short picture showing how both the partners met, and how their love story took turns and how happy they are to be finally getting married. Both,the bride and the groom can give personal regards to everyone and their parents should also take a part on the act to invite all the guests with warm heart. Also, it will give you some really cheerful memories to hold on and will be a great fun. If not a picture presentation, it can simply be a voice note with all necessary details about wedding events but, do not forget to send a small token of  invitation along with it or otherwise, it will appear very light.

Hand crafted card

what else can be better then a hand written invitation indicating your true happiness towards the wedding. A hand written invitation will always hold a great worth by the receiver and will pour into him a belief that he is whole heartily invited. This will take really long to get completed with all the invitees so gear up and pick your pens up. Use all those fonts you have learnt till now and take everyone’s help in this. A good thing about this idea is that, if you are going to take your partner’s help then you both will have some really enjoyable time together and your compatibility to work together will get stronger, you both can exchange your ideas and thoughts, letting you know your better half even more.

savePhoto: Creative ZoneLearn more about “Photo: Creative Zone”
Photo: Creative Zone

So, this is it from our side but don’t limit your invitations within these ideas only, let yourself explore some more innovative and creative ideas. Not only this, there is a much more to you invitation like, How to choose Wedding Invitation Cards ,take a glance at it.

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