How to have a fun wedding reception

The wedding is one of the most important days for a bride and groom. But reception is what the guest are looking for. Make your reception memorable and personal and a night your guests won't forget ever.

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The wedding is one of the most important days for a bride and groom. But reception is what the guest are looking for. So make your reception memorable and personal and a night your guests won’t forget ever. The destination and the venue were decided by Chic Events and according to them “It’s all about the togetherness of loved ones with good food and having fun together.” Here are few points which can make your wedding look more memorable.

Photo: Gurvinder Sing Photography.

Walk creatively


When you enter your reception for the first time as husband and wife, just don’t walk normally like every couple does. Enter dancing or swoop in on a roll swing, this will look different and your guests will start enjoying in the beginning itself.

Photo: Chic Events.

Host your own reception

Hiring a host might be not a good idea, it’s same as other weddings. When you and your partner will be hosting keep in mind you have a list of the whole function. This will help you in reminding what next is going to happen. When everyone will be forcing you to dance without practice you won’t be able to dance. Prepare early of what type of dance you want to do. Try something new.

Photo: Gurvinder Sing Photography.

Surprise them

You can surprise them by giving gifts and thanking them for being a part of your wedding. Give your guests tags. In every wedding, people come have their food and go back home. But in your wedding you make give them tags on what their personality is. Make games at home instead of buying. Games will keep your guests entertaining and they’ll enjoy the wedding as you are. try making some puzzle game or wedding tips games.

Photo: Gurvinder Sing Photography.

Attractive venue

Make your venue look attractive. Add more creativity on our reception venue. The venue can be of some themes. Add lounge to your venue. People gets bored when you are sitting on the same table and the other person feels shy or hesitated. Make them feel good by adding lounge. Select a particular budget so that it will not cost you more. You can also book couches, tables, and chairs.

Photo: Chic Events.

Tastes comes first

Order good food that’s not more oily or stuffy. Different dishes and snacks. That will make your wedding nicer. Make sure your waiter comes in every 10 mins with a new snack. When it comes to the taste its not only the food it’s also the music. The DJ you have hired should have a good taste. This will help your quest t be attentive instead of feeling boring.

savePhoto: The Fork Luxury Catering Services
Photo: The Fork Luxury Catering Services

Come in your comfort

Wearing the heavy dress and attending the guest might be very difficult. Once you are done with your hosting you can change in what you feel comfortable. That will change your mood and you’ll enjoy your reception as everyone is doing. Dresses were designed by Vasansi. After getting free you can attend every guest easily.

savePhoto: Vasansi.
Photo: Vasansi.

Danceable music

If you have hired a DJ to make sure you both have the same taste. Play dance games that will make your guests entertaining and your dance floor will also be packed. Play a playlist that will please your crowd too not just you both. the pictures clicked at the perfect time by Gurvinder Sing Photography.

savePhoto: Gurvinder Singh Photography.
Photo: Gurvinder Singh Photography.

Hire a coordinator

You can’t just do all things alone. You’ll be needing someone’s help so hire a coordinator for a day or two. When you’ll be planning for your reception party make sure you do the full research like of what you need your reception to be. Discuss things with your partner do the research together and tell what you need on your reception to the coordinator. Show them a list so that they’ll understand easily.

Creative zones

Try to be more creative for the reception. You can add your creativity in zones like food table. Instead of long tables, you can arrange few couches. Ask your caterer to make lots of snacks. Give snacks and drinks between every performance. This will keep your guests fueled. Offer a coffee bar complete with different syrups. If you keep low key foods your guests will never want to leave soon.

Photo: Chic Events.

When it comes to the night tell your guests that you have a surprise for them. Sing a song or dance the last step of the band. You can also light up the lanterns or fireworks.

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