10 Ideas that will take your wedding celebrations to cloud 9

Make sure your wedding is the most memorable event of 2017, and the memories would last forever. These ideas will take your wedding celebrations to cloud 9.

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The weddings in all these years have been nothing less than a bang. If you are getting married in the year 2017, then there are some things that you need to take care of, that are up-to-date, so that your wedding turns out to be the most memorable event of the lifetime, that anyone has attended. The photographer is the top most thing to choose, to make your dream day amazing. The Sourav Anand from Shutter Time Photography shared a few things about how to make your wedding more interesting in the coming years!

savePhoto: Shutter Time.
Photo: Shutter Time.

Sensual Bride


If you are clear as far as thewWedding dress is concerned, it is that next year the spotlight will have it back. The amazing dress, with stunning backs and graceful details, are something out of the mind. The flowing dresses with light fabrics and an elegant touch of the designs look just great on any bride. You’ll be the queen of your big day, and look as elegant as ever! There are a few details that a Bride should not forget on her Wedding day!

Shoes and Jewellery

To complete the bridal look, the perfect choice is a gem, and what better to take it on shoes!  No matter if it is stilettoes, half height, or sandal anklets, choose a model that shines more than ever. Choosing shoes for the Wedding is a big task, and requires a lot of hard work and patience.

savePhoto: Shutter Time.
Photo: Shutter Time.
savePhoto: Jimmy Choo.
Photo: Jimmy Choo.

Ceremony in an unusual place

Having your wedding ceremony in a place that is very rare for such rituals is one of the reasons the guests will remember your wedding. More than your guests, it will be a memorable journey for you, as you would be in the middle of no-where, where people normally do not arrange such things, and where you have the access to the needs of such ceremonies!


As for the hairstyles, a bride must make sure that she has the best, that goes perfectly with her wedding dress. These are the ones that give the final touch to your wedding dress and make you look nothing less than a queen for your better half and a princess for your parents. There are many hairstyles to choose from, according to the functions and the dress that you are going to wear, Sakshi Malik from Sakshi Malik- Hair & Makeup can tell you in details! The makeup must be quite natural, with great lip-works and a bit of eye makeup. It all depends on the type of the wedding dress you are wearing.

savePhoto: Sakshi Malik- Hair & Makeup.
Photo: Sakshi Malik- Hair & Makeup.

Emotional speeches

Emotional speeches make everyone go gaga over each other. Just imagine how it would be if someone or a few people gave a touching speech on your special day. Felt nice, right? These are one of the things that can be cherished throughout, can the stories can also be passed on to the next generations!

Drinks before the ceremony

Most of the Indian weddings have a bar in it. Drinks always make people enjoy the wedding even more than the fun it actually is, in itself. The importance will have the attention to the details and the guests. Drink stalls bring the heat among the guests, and they can enjoy the amazing cocktails while waiting for the arrival of the bride, and enjoy the ritual afterward so, choose the best caterer for your wedding ceremonies  Five Spice Exclusive Catering can be a good option.

savePhoto: Five Spice Exclusive Catering.
Photo: Five Spice Exclusive Catering.

Funny feast

When it comes to catering, it is not only the taste of the food that is important, it is the presentation of it as well. By next year, the banquet dinners are going to be too mainstream, and cocktail buffet and feasts would be on the food stations and food trucks, as they would become more popular and trendy by then. The funniest banquets, where everything is more relaxed, and the guests have a great time takes away all the credits of the wedding.

Decorative styles

In the decoration of a ceremony, the main thing is the elegance, may it be an indoor wedding, or an outdoor wedding. The four styles that look the best are romantic-wild, the boho-chic, industrial, rock and glitter. You can get your ideas done with Sethi Tent & Decorators, the main element that needs to be decorated are the chairs and entrance, and must not be forgotten at all, as this is the place where the guests are going to be at the most. Also, if you have the chance, you can create the most special corners with those who impress the guests!

savePhoto: Sethi Tent & Decorators.
Photo: Sethi Tent & Decorators.


You can choose light-colored table cloths, combined with the decorations and the centerpieces, for which you can choose flowers of your taste or even vintage items. Add a touch of the original to the servers with a story, that is yours and of your guests. Do not put up table numbers, but instead, you can put up random things like song names, city names, and the list can go on!

Charming corners

Are the places special? Signing table, laying pictures, special places, and all these sorts of things are important, more than the other things in a wedding, as these are the things that give you the most amount of memories, that you can cherish for the entire lifetime, and smile when you think about these in the future.

savePhoto: Shutter Time.
Photo: Shutter Time.

To make your Wedding the most memorable among your family and friends, you can have a Themed Wedding, so that everyone remembers it throughout their life! Have an amazing wedding, and try and make it the best event ever!

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