8 Details that no bride should forget on her wedding day

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It takes months of planning and organizing for making the wedding day come out perfectly as planned. So we plan to the smallest  details. But are you sure you have not missed anything? If you say yes, take a look at the below 8 points we have noted down for you which you are most likely to forget.

Smile in the pictures

Wedding is the day of our dreams .You are bound to feel little nervous, but do not let  the stress reflect on your face. Some brides relax and forget the stress while the ones who fail to do so comes out as a very tense bride  in the wedding pictures. Always remember that big day is for you to enjoy and smile.All eyes are on you and you look the best when you are happy and smiling.These photos are the best memories so smile!

saveOur Wedding Chapter
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter

Instructions for the caterer

There are so many people who has worked  day in and day out to make you wedding venue look beautiful. The decorators, bartender, DJ, photographers  are the ones who work till wee hours in the morning. By the time your guests are  finished with  their dinners are planning to go home, that is the time when all these people will be relaxed and will get free from their work. Be proactive Instruct the catering to save food for them. They would thank you for it later!


Bring Mobile Battery

You probably receive text messages of people who have not attended the wedding or your wedding live on social networks. Leave your phone with your belongings in the space venue designated for the bride, and when the party ends, take a look at the calls and messages from guests who could not attend or friends who are far away. You’ll love it!

Credit : Nikhil Arora

Take clothes for the next day

Surely you will spend the wedding night away from home, in a hotel or place where you’ve held the bond. Do not forget to pick up a tiny suitcase with products you are going to need and a change of clothes. With all the mess of preparing the suitcase for the honeymoon, you may forget this.If you are spending the wedding night at home, remember to keep this first set of clothes in a handbag so that you don’t have to dig it in your big pile of new clothes.

Credit : Nikhil Arora

A Black Screen

People are dressed in there best when they arrive for your wedding. Appreciate there efforts by placing a black screen so that they can pose with there spouse or friends without worrying about there back ground and lights. Distribute these photos later, your friends would love it.



It seems obvious but there are very few brides who eat dinner in adequate quantity. Brides just pose for food and don’t really eat it. Many of them are so stressed that they do not eat a bite of food. Always think- it is all done and now is the moment to reap the fruits of your exceptional  work and eat your heart out.


An  emergency kit

Do not forget to keep a kit with your friend containing important stuff. Do not forget about spare hairbrush ,spare footwear, makeup touch up, band – aids, aspirin, safety pins and handkerchiefs.  Some things will seem absurd until you need them .

Credit : Nikhil Arora

Enjoy the day

After many months of stress and a thousand preparations, brides suddenly realize that on there wedding day they did not enjoy enough. Do not forget that there are professional managers involved. If you have the services of a  wedding planner,   you will not have to worry about anything.They will help in the planning, organization and coordination of your wedding.   You can also count on them for decoration and choice of each supplier. You just enjoy it.

saveOur Wedding Chapter
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter

 It’s your day, and you’ll want to remember it. Take a deep breath, relax, and be happy. There might be few other things you would need to carry with you, few more things to remember to bring that smile on your face , few more friends beside you to bring you water on the stage. Always give a small thought to a list of must carry or must have to have a flawless ceremony.

Photo Credit : Nikhil Arora | Our Wedding Chapter |

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