How to organise transport for your wedding

Getting your wedding trasportation done in advance will avoid you from later chaos and will let you have a smooth ride till the end of your big day.

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Your wedding planning includes many aspects which need to be looked on to one of which is wedding transportation.  You may have a destination wedding or even if not that, you would need to get a transportation agency booked on your side for many other things. You will be having your guests arrived and it’s your responsibility to make them reach their respective places safely and smoothly. Not only that, you will also need to have a lot of things done for which you need to have vehicles on hands; you would want to reach to your ceremonies on time and for many other purposes. While you may also read How to organise a two-day wedding: Double the fun! Let’s have a look at how you can organize wedding transportation well:

savePhoto: Travel Triangle
Photo: Travel Triangle



All these agencies run short of vacancies for booking. You should get them all booked at least a month prior so that there is no kind of chaos in the end moments. When you are secured about your transportation thing, you can put it aside and work on the other things. Also, you should select cars wisely. Get all the luxurious cars booked to pick up your guests and make sure that they have drivers who know to greet guests nicely. You would also need car for yourself and your partner and that should be a car to remember. So get your dream car booked for that because weeding doesn’t come around every day. Get your pre-booking also done for your birdal make-up by Sunita Divecha.

Photo: Sunita Divecha

Plan it out

Before going to get your bookings done, you should not forget to first plan out everything and know exactly how many cars will you need? Make a planner of all the events day-wise. Then ask your guests about how they are going to be there at your place and also the timings. After knowing this, you will be able to figure out how much car you will need to be placed where and how you are going to manage the circulation properly. There should be no guests waiting outside the airport or station. Apart from that, you must know about the times when you will need to commute to a certain place. It is better to have a separate car for yourself and your partner because the couple has a lot of work outside during the end moment. The bride also has to go to get ready along with all of her aunts and cousins. So basically, you should know when and how many cars will be required. India’s Invitation will be a good choice to make for good transportation facilities.

Photo: India’s Invitation

Do it yourself

Do not think of getting your bookings done online or on call because it can give you many unexpected surprises with bad car’s conditions. Go yourself in person and have a look at all the cars that you are booking thoroughly. There should be nothing faulty in the cars and they all must be really comfortable for the guests who are coming from a long journey and are a tired as well. Not only cars, give a brief glance to all the driver’s previous records also. They should be good enough to manage all the chaos that can happen and must know about the small and irregular routes as well. To reduce your stress level and to get everything done at ace, Manvar Events will be just the right choice for you.

savePhoto: Manvar Events
Photo: Manvar Events

Get a map

While you are planning about how the cars are going to circulate back and forth to pick and drop all the guests, make sure that you pin out some of those irregular and short routes so that there is no car stuck in the traffic. Try to have fewer cars or try to have a gap in between the timings of two cars so that there is no unnecessary jam at your place as well at the location of boarding. Also read How to look gorgeous in your winter bridal dress

Take time

It is general to anticipate that they might get stuck into traffic or any other kind of problem. To avoid the rush, keep a fare time gap of about 15-20 minutes so that even if the vehicles are not able to be on time, the guests to not have to wait or they do not miss out on any event. Do not forget to take some time out and get your wedding cake booked from For the Love of Cake

savePhoto: For the Love of Cake
Photo: For the Love of Cake

You can also get a separate of ride for your bridesmaids and other special people. Also tell them to get along some Champaign as well to celebrate this big day of yours. Also, you can plan some kind of couple entry from an open-roof car and add some more memories to your wedding album. How to stay happy and stress-free while planning your wedding. may help you more.

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