How to organise a two-day wedding: Double the fun!

Because 'short and sweet' is said for a reason.

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Indian weddings are known to be longer than ever. In earlier times, weddings were celebrated for more than 5 days and everyone used to participate in them very enthusiastically. Now that the time has changed, people are getting busier day by day and they have many other priorities than to attend the wedding. Neither the couple nor the guests want it to be big time celebration which goes on for many days. People like to keep it short and sweet; it saves time and is even more fun. But, the difficulty here is that Indian weddings are more than the actual wedding event. They have many pre wedding and post wedding events too and to cover them all up in a short span is really a difficult task. To wrap up your wedding in 2 days may sound near to impossible but actually it’s not. All you would need to do is, keep the energy level up and have a blast in your wedding. Here are some useful tips by Neon Events & Entertainment :

savePhoto: Neon Events & Entertainment
Photo: Neon Events & Entertainment

Plan precisely


When you are making a planner of all the events and everything, avoid taking round figures for them. The reason for this is that, it will absorb along all the little bit of your time and these little minutes will make a big change later on. So, make a precise plan. Be very confident about the timings and all the arrangements should be made beforehand only. Save your time of your make-up with our quick and perfect make-up artist Makeup by Kiinjal Mehta-Make U Up Studio

savePhoto: Makeup by Kiinjal Mehta-Make U Up Studio
Photo: Makeup by Kiinjal Mehta-Make U Up Studio


Indian wedding are really big. If you go for a traditional wedding, you will have a really long list of the events. So, first keep in mind about all the events that are important and which can’t be afford to miss on. Next, try to start the events for the morning itself and you can stretch them till the dinner time. Ask your guests to avoid travelling back and forth as it will be really a waste of time. They can rather stay back in the hotel or whatever arrangements you have made. It will help them to be on time to attend all the events and make sure that nothing is missed. Read How to stay happy and stress-free while planning your wedding.

savePhoto: Nishith Dayal Photography
Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography


If you are going to have a wedding for two days and outstation guests are more in number, you can go for a single venue which is closet to everyone. It will let everyone be there on time and nobody will face problems in attending all the events. Also, if you are having guests who are from the same place where your wedding is going to take place, you can go for different venues for different events but they all should be near to each other. The reason for this is that, you must be having different decoration or themes decided for different events and to re-decorate all the venue in such a short period of time is impossible. There are many arrangements like, seating arrangements, decoration, food stall installation and other things which are needed to be done and all of it need some time to be done properly. Have some beautiful photographs clicked of your venue by Nishith Dayal Photography 

savePhoto: Nishith Dayal Photography
Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography

Time track

The most important thing here is time, make sure that you have a track of time and all the events are completed in time. Avoid having too many functions, this will make you as well as all the guests feel exhausted and there will less fun. So, ask your guests to be on time and keep serving good food to keep them up. Make your plans such that you know that everyone has a time to enjoy. Zone time properly, know about which event is much important and should be given more time. Also, do not forget to take some time out and order the best wedding cake for yourself from All Things Yummy

savePhoto: All Things Yummy
Photo: All Things Yummy

Lastly, do not forget to ask your guests to come one day prior so that they all can relax after long journey and have some energy saved for the upcoming two days. Take good care of yourself too and have a beauty sleep to make sure that you are not exhausted and that you look fresh and beautiful. Also read 5 Things to Consider Before Planning Your Honeymoon

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