How to stay happy and stress-free while planning your wedding.

Your wedding planning can be more stress giving than your wedding itself. So it's important to keep your calm and smile!

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Getting those anxious cramps every time you hear the word ‘wedding’ or anything related to it? don’t worry my friend, you are maybe just having a weird tie with yourself, telling yourself that you are going to be a groom soon and your life is going to change completely or you might just be having a rough time trying to figure out what all planning should be done to make your wedding your best day of life! It’s just normal to go through such stress full phase when you are planning your wedding because you are just so much occupied with so many thoughts going through your mind, all at the same time and an overwhelming feeling of finally being the lucky one to ride that horse! we have our wedding planning expert Knotty Days – Fun Fabulous Weddings to solve your problem.

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Well, there is no way we can change your anxiety for your wedding but we can surely advice you with some tricks which can help you come out of stress during your wedding planning and to make you more sane and happy.

Energize yourself

Stress usually occurs this time when you have a lot of work to do and there is no time and energy left in you to help you with those tasks. Keep a good healthy diet and rejuvenate yourself in time periods so that you can sportingly get your preparations done. You must be geared up for all the logistics work already. Sit back, give yourself some motivation and follow a proper time management schedule. Make a proper planner consisting of a list of things you need to do for that particular day, this way it’s assured that all of your work is done on time and smoothly.

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Photo: Knotty Days

Zone time

After a long day, full of tasks and missions, you must take some time out for other leisure of life. Sit down and have a proper meal with your family, spend some time with them, talk them about the new member who is soon going to join the family, discuss about the expectations the hold from you and her, tell them what you are feeling right now, and what not. Don’t forget to spare some time to talk with your partner as well; it is also necessary after all.

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Photo: Knotty Days

Share some words

When you are with your group of friends, talk to them about what you feel about being a husband to a lovely wife. Ask your friends for their advices on what all things you can include in your plans. It’s even better if any of your friends has gone through this stage; you will experiences a series of wise advices from them, in that case. Your married friend can tell you about all the dos and don’ts as a good partner, they will share some of their good and bad experiences of their own marriages and you will eventually get to learn from all of them while a having a light moment with your friends and it will surely make your stress level go crazily down. Also, you can always seek help form them. There are your friends and they are equally responsible to make your wedding a successful event, after all.

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Photo: Knotty Days

Need of the time

5 Reasons to hire a co-ordinator for your WeddingIt’s always a great option to go for a wedding planner. If you have a planner with you to co-ordinate with you all along your wedding, you will never have a single stroke on your forehead regarding anything. Why don’t you select the best one for yourself from these best Wedding planners in India. They look after everything and this will let you have enough time for other things like, spending time with your partner, go for shopping, learn some dance steps and enjoy all your wedding events enthusiastically. Apart from your wedding, you must also be having a job or business to look after and you can’t ignore the fact that you will have to devote your regular hours there. So while you are off to your work, your wedding coordinator will be there to look after all the other things. Also, you can get a person designated to receive all the calls from the guests who have any queries regarding their transportation or stay. Everything will be just sorted out and there is no room for stress for you.

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Photo: Knotty Days

All sorted, right? Well, indeed it is. Just don’t forget that it’s your wedding, you definitely will have to do some works which can’t be done by anybody else but don’t forget that  you also need a good rest and beauty sleep to look the most dashing person on your wedding day and make your bride fall for you all over again. Read 6 Ways to make your wedding go wow!!

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