Top 5 wedding DJ’s in Jaipur

Let your wedding set itself to flyer and music will keep it high until the end. So here are the top best wedding DJ’s in Jaipur who will make sure the party goes on forever!

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How often we listen to people in wedding asking about the DJ. Who is the DJ and where is he? Something like this happens at every Indian wedding and that’s because music is an important part of the life and when it comes to the biggest occasion it needs to be grand. Here are the top wedding DJ’s in Jaipur who will rock your wedding and respected ceremonies and give you a lifetime experience.

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DJ Ravish- Visit Web


As one the of industry’s most respected figures, DJ Ravish has been spinning tunes for over 12 years now. Ravish took a stab at professional DJing in his 17s and since then he has rocked many high-quality parties across India and his tunes are considered to be the peppiest and groovy. His hard work and passion took him to new heights and a new world of moves and grooves opened up. Today Ravish has made his own brand of his all new hip jazzy bass lines and mind-blowing kicks to thud the speakers. He is known for maintaining a healthy combination of both Bollywood and House music ensuring the feet on the dance floor doesn’t stop.

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DJ: DJ Ravish.

DJ Rohit Reverse Osmosis- Visit Web

Reverse Osmosis music has slaying various dance floors across the country. You might have witnessed his side of music if you are a fan of deep underground sounds. Nominated amongst top 20 Techno acts of the country and awarded no. 1 DJ and Producer in Rajasthan. So when it will be about making your wedding music grand you will certainly don’t have to worry much as his reputation is enough to speak of him. He has been very dedicated and passionate towards music his whole life and being passionate about your job only Makes you one of the best in business.

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Photo: DJ Reverse Osmosis.
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Photo: DJ Reverse Osmosis.

The Elektronomist- Visit Web

Aseem Narain Mathur (The Elektronomist) born on 18th October 1988 in India has made a mark into the world of music with his own style of mixing. It all started with remixing tracks and experimenting with sounds. Later, he developed his musical taste and explored many genres of music. Currently, he has done few official tracks and still producing some new tunes and remixes. He is also doing weekly radio shows viz ‘Rock the Party’ for 94.3 MYFM India, ‘Elektronic Endeavors’ for Tenzi FM & ‘Beat the Heat’ for WTNR Radio (New York). Now it’s been 5 years of his musical journey and still contributing towards his dream with his specialized styles viz. house, electro, dubstep, breaks, trance, etc. He can surely make your wedding occasion much grander.

DJ: The Elektronomist.

Deejay Vaibhav- Visit Web

DJ Vaibhav started his career back in 2009 and will be an 8-year-old DJ. Played in various cities across the nation and shared the stage with 100+ national and international celeb artists. Specialised in EDM he has a different project alias name called Vaporised but being a wedding and private show specialist DJ Vaibhav is another project and performs all kind of Genres needed for the wedding party….be it cocktails, sangeet after party or bachelor’s…and yes latest trend including Mehandi too, Vaibhav is always ready to rage the stage for any occasion of your wedding. Not just Jaipur but anywhere Vaibhav sets the mood right for you.

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DJ: DJ Vaibhav.

DJ Akshat Panwar- Visit Web

DJ/DVJ and a producer, Akshat Panwar has always had a real passion for music. A born experimenter, in a habit, to string together meaningful pieces of self-expression. At the age of 12, he started collecting every kind of music. After completing his 10th, his musical journey towards becoming an established DJ began when he joined Endemic DJ Academy (EDA) Rajasthan’s First DJ/Music production Academy, under Varun Sharma ranked 23rd in National DJ Awards( top 100 DJs, India). His tunes can be best known as a perfect amalgamation of Bollywood beats and electronic dance music, good enough to make party people raise their eyebrows and go crazy. His indulgent and jubilant nature and sense for good quality music are the jewels for any event. there is a constant look of ecstasy and euphoria on his face which gives any event a spark of regalement.

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DJ Akshat Panwar.

Music is something that can take you to new heights of yourself and it lets you move and groove. Your wedding is the special moment of your life and music in it should be of the best.

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