These Best Choreographers Tell Us The Songs To Dance To At Your Wedding

Indian wedding are all about grooving to the rhythms of desi songs with other zealous guests. The Indian wedding dance industry has made a lot of progress. From fun wedding entrance choreography with your enthusiastic bffs to upbeat dance by your brothers to romantic performance by the brides to serenade the grooms, we have a dance routine for every thing.

We personally reached out to some of the most viral Indian wedding choreographers for this enjoyable list of wedding choreography with effortless steps that will surely bring out the hidden dancer in you.
Credits: Karma Productions India
Credits: Karma Productions India

Happy Dancing Feet suggests dancing on these songs

1. Bride Solo- Various Artists

“A lot of gold elements were used in terms of props, costumes and graphics. The choreography was graceful and elegant; the interactive visuals on Afreen were fit for a queen to make an appearance. With nachde ne spare we broke away from the theme so that the bride ( who is a good dancer ) gets a chance to perform on a peppy number too.”- Choreographer

2. Groom’s Friends- Mashup

“This act was conceptualized as “THE TAAL MASHUP” the overall theme of the sangeet was 90’s songs. We had all girls act so the Choreography was primarily Indian semi-classical and Bollywood fusion. We tried to play with formations and fluid props like ribbons.”- Choreographer

3. Couple Dance- Various Artists

“This act was performed after they got married at the reception which was a sit down dinner with a “VENETIAN BALL” theme. The Skirt 3D mapping was the wow factor of the act. So the choreography and props were all English style. But the audience had a lot of adult crowd so the songs we choose were old Hindi classics as opposed to English waltz. So that the audience would connect more. The Choreography was basic ballroom owing to the larger than life gown of the bride the steps were simple and classy.”

4. Bride Solo and Bridesmaids- Ghoomar Song

“This was a simple act that the bride did with her girl friends and sisters. The simplicity of the act is what makes it classy and elegant. The song Ghoomar was the brides favorite, the best part was that this was a Jaipur wedding and in our theme this was the Jaipur section hence the Indian touch. The choreography feminine and fun. The last build up section with the samai lamps is our personal favorite section.”-Choreographer

4. Couple Disco Dance- Tan Tana Tan Song

“The bride and groom wanted to do something unpredictable as opposed to something romantic hence the songs chosen and the choreography was peppy and fun.”-Choreographer

Thumka Souls suggests dancing on these songs

1. Groomsmen and Bridesmaids- Zingaat

“This super energetic dance number can be performed by anyone. This song can be a perfect finale number, where everyone else in the audience can join the dance floor. Same steps can be used in the ‘original Zingaat song’ which is in marathi and can be performed in a Maharashtrian Sangeet/wedding.”-Choreographer

2. Groom and Friends- Various Artists

“This is one of our best party song choreography. The easy steps can accommodate the elaborate wedding dresses. It can also be performed by bride and groom – groom praising the bride’s beauty. “-Choreographer

3. Bridesmaids and Bride- London Thumakda

“This song can be performed by the ‘bride and her friends’ or ‘bride’s mom and mom’s friends’. We have choreographed easy steps for bride’s family, so anybody can easily learn and perform. This is a perfect sangeet song – ‘Oh bride, in your wedding everyone (entire london) dances!'”- Choreographer

4. Bride and Mother- Navrai Mazi

“This song can be performed by bride and her mom (or the bride’s family) on this special day. The song is dedicated to the bride, it basically means that this bride has been brought up with lots of love and keep her well. This choreography is easy to follow by the elderly as well. We have choreographed easy steps for bride’s family, so anybody can easily learn and perform.”- Choreographer

5. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen- Sweety tera drama

“This is a fun number and can be performed in a group. This song has a peppy beat and can captivate the audience. This easy and fun choreography can be learnt and performed by anyone.”- Choreographer

Casa De Dance suggests dancing on these songs

1. Groom Solo- Various Artists

One of the most unique performances choreographed by us. The multi talented groom sang along with obviously slaying the dance. He completely swept the bride off her feet. (groom is actually the head choreographer and director of casa de dance.”- Choreographer

2. Bride’s and Groom’s sister- Various Artists

“Slayers in the house! Rocking performance by the sister.”- Choreographer

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