Fabulous destination wedding of Sareena and Manav- the one with pure love

Fabulous destination wedding of Sareena and Manav- the one with pure love

How to pick jewelry to match your wedding dress
Just like the dress, there are so many options when it comes to wedding day jewelry that it can sometimes be overw ...
How can you make your Kalira captured by your photographer
Indian weddings are filled with rituals that are not only colorful but significant too. So, if you are ready to don ...
How to choose wedding jewellery to match your outfit

Wedding jewellery, many brides-to-be are overwhelmed with a choice of statement pieces to classic touches, from vintage style to glitzy glamour, sometimes it’s hard to choose from all the options.

Top 7 wedding jewelry shops in Jaipur

Woman and Jewelry compliment each other beautifully as they make each other look even more elegant and beautiful. So get your wedding jewelry from these top best jewelry shops in Jaipur!

How can a bride choose her nose ring according to her face shape

In weddings, a bride will look more attractive with a nose ring on her nose. Remember that you can’t change your nose ring for several weeks after the piercing since the nose takes the time to heal.

How to lift the mood of your guests at your wedding ceremonies with fun games
The wedding is one of the most important days for a bride and groom. But reception is what the guest is looking for ...
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How to make your sangeet ceremony adorable

The sangeet night is one function which everyone looks forward to. It is the night when everyone lets their hair down. The music and dance set the mood and everyone creates memories that last forever.

Top 5 wedding venues in Ajmer Road, Jaipur

Everything in your wedding is your choice and your choices are given foremost priority so make the best use of it by choosing from these to best wedding venues at Ajmer Road, Jaipur.

How to choose big floral swings for your mehndi ceremony

Mehendi ceremonies are one of the most fun-filled and jovial events of any Indian wedding! Creating the right ambiance for these events can become tiresome.

Amazing wedding of Mahak and Rahul- the one with the beach wedding
Grand wedding is what every single person wishes for, and that is what makes them happy! Mahak and Rahul had a real ...
Amazing old-world charm pre-wedding shoot of Pooja and Sushant
Meeting someone and giving them the title of someone most important is something that needs courage for, and Pooja ...
Stunning wedding of Swaati and Jay- the couple that was made for each other

There is one most important thing that a wedding speaks- the coming together of two souls as one. Swaati and Jay were definitely two souls, but they are one since the time they met each other.

Stunning wedding of Ayesha and Dhruv- the one with the strong love

From being two totally opposite souls to becoming one soul, Ayesha and Dhruv have found their true love in each other, and there is nothing more they can ask for!

Amazing wedding of Shweta and Shubham- the one that started in the teenage

No one really believes in soul mates until they meet their’s, and this is exactly what happened with Shweta and Shubham. They are childhood sweethearts and know each and everything about each other which is very important!

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Surprise your wedding guests with your flawless sangeet ceremony

Sangeet ceremony is the most looked forward event because it is as extravagant an affair as the wedding itself! So use as many options from above as possible to make it memorable for all.

How to be prepared for the unforeseen things on your cousins’ wedding

Disasters can’t be avoided but they surely can be coped with better planning so the impact is mimimum. Keep these points in mind and plan on how to minimise their impact on wedding of your cousin.

How to organize the most incredible wedding this year as a bride

You’ve got the ideas and you want to plan your unique dream wedding but you don’t know how to stay on top of planning. These top ideas will surely help you plan your wedding.

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