The fairytale wedding of Vivek and Shruti- the one that was at the Burj-Al-Arab

The fairytale wedding of Vivek and Shruti- the one that was at the Burj-Al-Arab

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Photo: Diraj Amritraj Photography.
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How to make your guests enjoy your traditional wedding
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Jewellery: @glimour_jewellery
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Bold Lipsticks for A Bold Bride
We all know how important your wedding look is for you big day, it will remain an important memory for the rest of your life so it cannot go wrong!
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Dress: @wellgroomedinc
Top 5 Nailvarnish Colours For Your Big Day
Choosing the right colour makes you feel like you can run the world, so, here we break down the 'it' colours you must have for this wedding season.
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Top 5 Indian Trends that have resurfaced
Wedding trends are constantly evolving and adapting, however one thing we have noticed is the reoccurance of trends, styles and particular designs - all of which are resurfacing and becoming the trend of 2017.
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5 Tips for hiring your wedding DJ: Avoid the empty dance floor!
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Top 5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Table Decor
Top 5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Table Decor
Let's face it! A good 40% of the wedding takes place at the table : that features the many dishes of cuisine, carefully decorated, all coordinated with chairs , plates, glassware and cutlery like small artworks. Be inspired for your table decor today!
Honeymoon: Shipra Travels
Top 5 Things Couples Do On Their Honeymoon
Let yourself engage in the 5 things that all couples do on their honeymoon. Curious to know what you will be doing?
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10 wonderful islands for honeymoons and holidays
If you have not gone on vacation or planned your honeymoon yet, these little paradises will surely leave you with no doubts.
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Traditional is still stylish! A look at our love struck Divya and Abhilash wedding in Hyderabad
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Stunning wedding of lovely couple Pallavi and Ayush
Every bridal couple knows that the wedding is something that can be enjoyed to the fullest only once in the lifetim
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5 things to avoid to make your marriage to last!
Do not be afraid that because your spouse multiplies the parties between friends you will run the risk of infidelities because paradoxically, it is the couples who grant the most freedom that remain the most faithful.
4 Romantic astronomical phenomenas you must see this summer!
4 Romantic astronomical phenomenas you must see this summer!
August and September prepare the firmament for several shows delicately designed by the universe. Do not miss out on them!
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A relationship has 5 stages according to psychologists
If you have passed the third step, surely your story ends with a happy ending. Are you ready to keep writing chapters? Check out the The 5 stages of a relationship according to psychologists
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Jimmy Choo is being bought over, but worry not!
what is the latest news we are hearing about the acquisition? and what does that mean for you brides?
Photography: Shades Photography.
How to budget smartly for your big day
The last thing you want on your wedding is a hole in your wallet! Plan all of your wedding expenses correctly and e
Laughter is life. Captured by: Knottydays
Secret to a long life - Eat your veggies, drink your water and get married!
Research has in fact found that getting married is good for health! So, alongside eating your 5-a-day, eating your veggies and drinking water, remember to get married aswell!
Photo: Mrinal Khatnani Photography.
How to have a better relationship with your mother-in-law
The wedding is one of the most important parts of our lives it's not only your husband but also your in-laws. All women seek to be appreciated and be loved by their mother in law and try their level best by putting maximum efforts and tricks possible for them.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.
How to look like an adorable bride on your amazing wedding day
From the endless sessions at the salon to those tiring trips to your designer, you’ve spent nothing less than a good three months just for your wedding day. These tips will surely help you become an adorable bride.

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