How to choose the wedding dress for your body type

Brides are very very careful and choosy when it comes to their wedding outfit and they won't compromise and why should they? So keep your body shape in mind and select the best for yourself.

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The big day is arriving and the tension along with temperature is rising day by day. So many things to do and one of them being choosing your wedding dress and it has so many complications. In a lot of those complications, one is the size and shape of your body and getting your dress done accordingly. “Every woman wants to dress perfect as per their body shape and the key is to accentuate your body shape. Now there are many body shapes like a pear shape, rectangular shape, slim figure or an apple shape. The most common style of Indian wear focuses on are salwar kameez, sarees, lenghas, and kurtas” Disha Patil.

savePhoto: Disha Patil.
Photo: Disha Patil.

Rectangular Shape

Go for kurteez that are longer in flair either it’s Anarkali style or bias cut which has flair from the waist line we need to recreate the illusion of curves and these will go well. For salwar suit, Anarkali dresses with emperor line emphasis and V-neck is great even the up shoulders and sweetheart neckline will work well. You can also go for Patiala suits as well which will give volume to the lower torso. Go for lenghas which are in full flair from waistline and gathers off heat and cropped up style blouse is a dark color too. Don’t go for the sarees unless they are of modern styles like a pre-stitched sarees and lengha sarees to show your curves and fittings where needed. When you are ready to go with your dress all you want is to get captured by a camera and Dream Diaries can surely do that for you.

savePhoto: Dream Diaries.
Photo: Dream Diaries.

Apple Shape

Being heavy at the top and bottom as well along with less defined waistline you have an apple shaped body. Dress for your body shape also depends on the height and level of your torso which needs to be balanced like which portion you need to highlight and which you need to cover up so when we come to the apple shape there are the portions like the tummy or the heavy bust which you need to maintain properly.

savePhoto: Dream Diaries.
Photo: Dream Diaries.

For the kurtas, we would suggest don’t go for the heavy fitted one and wear straight cuts which are A-line style from the below and light in medium volume. If you really need to carry lengha choli then go for plain silks or broken lenghas with the mid waist blouse or kameez style lengha choli to cover up the round figure also to illuminate the size of your shoulder and balance out the look you can go for cold shoulder blouses. With a perfect dress, you need perfect makeup and Sunita Divecha can make you look even more beautiful.

savePhoto: Sunita Divecha.
Photo: Sunita Divecha.

Pear shape

With heavy bottom and light upper body along with a slim waistline, you have a pear shaped body. For this shape, all you need to do is to choose Indian wear which highlights your shoulders or your upper portion and the slim waist. Choose lenghas which style down in a bias cut from the waist swiftly avoiding the fitting at the hip line with the flowing fabrics or even block sweep lenghas and a nice off shoulder blouse.

savePhoto: Dream Diaries.
Photo: Dream Diaries.

For the sarees go for the half and half concept in nets or any which gives equal balance to lower hand line. Go for sleeveless blouses or broad neck off the shoulder as well as the core shoulders too. For the salwar suits go for the Anarkali’s which are fled from the upper waistline and hide up the heavy hip level with its thread look a nice straight cut kurta with a waist cut to highlight the upper torso is great. Along with your dress, you need a fine statement jewelry to look even more glamorous and Amaris Jewels can be your jewelry destination.

savePhoto: Amris Jewels.
Photo: Amaris Jewels.

Hourglass Shape

Indian clothing for Hourglass shape has no limitations. This body type means you have equal proportion with a thin waistline. Any kind of dress whether a lengha, saree or salwar kameez would fit you and there is nothing to hide. You can go for Anarkali suits of ankle length which are tighter at waist and flair beginning after waistline. sarees made from chiffon and net fabrics will compliment your curvaceous figure. Simple embroidery or embellishment saree with a well-fitted blouse that ends at the bust line would go well with this shape. A-cut or straight line lengha will go well with your curves. Folded blouse with heavy embroidery and a long jacket will make your look perfect. Select a wedding dress according to your body!

savePhoto: Dream Diaries.
Photo: Dream Diaries.

Cone Shape

It is also known as inverted triangle shape as your shoulders and upper body is wider and the bottom portion is narrow. As you have broader shoulders it will make our lengha look even better. Your choli should be minimally designed and flare should volumize it. A-line lehenga with wide flares or a circular lehenga will go perfectly with your body shape. Make sure that the fabrics used are soft for layering at the top. This will also create a balanced look. Make sure that the choli doesn’t have heavy embellishments as it will make it look bulky. How to Choose Your Bridal Dress According to Your Skin Colour.

savePhoto: Disha Patil.
Photo: Disha Patil.

Choosing wedding dresses as per your body shape is an important aspect and if you keep a close eye on that then your dress will definitely make you look more stunning and gorgeousHow to choose your wedding dress to look stunning.

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