How-To Choose The Right Shoes For Your Wedding

With these 5 factors in mind when choosing your bridal footwear, you'll be able to enjoy a much less stressful shoe search. We're sure you'll find the perfect pair for your special day, allowing you to look and feel amazing!

How-To Choose The Right Shoes For Your Wedding
Photo: Rima Darwash
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For most brides, the wedding planning process involves much worrying about finding the dream lehenga or gown, as they search high and low for the perfect ensemble. Everyone wants to look and feel amazing on their special day. Bridal shoes, however, are often the afterthought. Naturally, most brides wait and see what their dress is like before investing in the shoes, so that they can coordinate a complete look from head to toe.
Jimmy Choo Photo: Slawa Walczak Photography
Finding the perfect shoes that are stylish, comfortable and practical is a tricky business. You want to look beautiful whilst dancing the night away.  So, to help you out, we’ve made a list of the 5 factors you need to consider when choosing your shoes, complete with stunning professional photos for some inspiration!

 1. Visibility


First things first, check whether your shoes will even be on show beneath your chosen bridal outfit because this changes everything. You’ll want beautiful shoes, whether they are on show or not, but if they are covered up then you can focus more on comfort than on style, perhaps.

If your outfit is midi or short length, or if you have a slit that makes your shoes visible, then think about embellished shoes that are adorned with precious stones, this way they’ll really pop!

Photo: Jimmy Choo / South Asian Weddings
Photo: Slawa Walczak Photography

2. Colour

The second most important thing to decide on is the colour. Bridal shoes, both in Western and Indian trends and traditions, are nearly always light, shimmery pastel tones. Whether they are nude, silver, white or beige, lighter shoes always seem a little more bridal than darker colours.

It does, however, depend on what colour you will be wearing on your special day. Co-ordinating silver shoes with a pastel outfit is always a pretty option. Alternatively, if you’re wearing deep or bright colours on your wedding day, either match the shoe with the same colour or wear a lovely nude that blends in with your feet.

Photo Collage: Lifeworks Studios
Photo: Rima Darwash Photography

 3. Height

The height of your wedding shoes depends on how comfortable you are with high heels, and also how tall you are. For example, if you’re husband-to-be isn’t that much taller than you, then it’s always a good idea to keep your heel height relatively low so that you don’t appear taller than him in photos!

Usually, brides already know which height of shoe they feel more comfortable in because they wear heels to other events. But it’s always worth considering your height options before narrowing down your search!

Photo: Rima Darwash Photography
Photo: Rima Darwash Photography

4. Practicality

Next, ask yourself what type of shoe would be best for the nature of your wedding. What is the flooring in your venue like? If you’re having a beach destination wedding, then it’s always best to go for a wedged sandal so that you don’t sink into the sand. If you’re having a grand ballroom wedding, then a high stiletto will be no problem on the hard dance floor! The same goes for the weather, as summery months call for peep toe sandals, whereas in cooler months you may want to stick to closed toe points.

Many brides bring a backup pair of shoes that are more comfortable so that when their feet get tired, they can still dance the night away!

Photo: Dhanika Choski Photography

5. Comfort

And last but not least… consider how comfortable your shoes will be. If you think they might rub painful blisters, then definitely wear them in! Just strut around the house in them for an hour or so every night for a week, making sure that you can walk and move in them easily, and that they won’t hurt on the night.

Painful feet, no matter how lovely the shoes look in your photos, will make it difficult to circle the venue and get to spend time with all of your guests and loved ones throughout the night.

Photo: DotDusk Studios

With these 5 factors in mind when choosing your bridal footwear, you’ll be able to enjoy a much less stressful shoe search. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair for your special day, allowing you to look and feel amazing!

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