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Bridal makeover 2018: Have a fabulous look on your dream day

Bridal makeover 2018: Have a fabulous look on your dream day

Designer: Crazy Palette
Top 5 Indian Trends that have resurfaced
Wedding trends are constantly evolving and adapting, however one thing we have noticed is the reoccurance of trends, styles and particular designs - all of which are resurfacing and becoming the trend of 2017.
Photo: Ozen Studios.
The 5 Best Smelling Perfumes To Say Thankyou To Your Bridesmaids
Why not thank your Bridesmaid with one of the top five gorgeous scents of 2017 - a great way to show your appreciation for all their hard work!
Designer: Arancia
Top 5 Bridal Purse Designs For The Wedding Season
There are hundreds of colours, styles and sizes to choose from and this can often be overwhelming for you brides. However fear no more, here we present to you the top 5, trending bridal purse designs to match your wedding outfit.
Hair&Makeup&Photography: @pinkorchidstudio 

Dress: @wellgroomedinc
Top 5 Nailvarnish Colours For Your Big Day
Choosing the right colour makes you feel like you can run the world, so, here we break down the 'it' colours you must have for this wedding season.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter
Top 5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Mehndi Design
The color of Mehndi, which darkens overnight, is a direct reflection of happiness and love. Make sure you plan your Mehndi night correctly!
Photo: Ozen Studios.
Top 5 Perfumes to Gift To Your Gorgeous Wife
Looking for the perfect scent to compliment your wedding dress? Here are the 10 best perfumes to wear on your big day!
Photo: Shyamal & Bhumika.
How to select a mind-blowing lehenga for your day wedding: Dark color saga!
The most important outfit in a girl’s life would probably be her wedding lehenga. Make sure to choose the right color for your day wedding and set ready to rock your wedding.
Photo: Memento of Shades.
How to choose your sangeet outfit
There are so many things to deal with while choosing your sangeet outfit. These points can help you decide your final outfit. Have fun and flaunt yourself.
Photo : Avnish Dhoundiyal Photos.
How to choose the colour of your dress for mehndi ceremony
Be relaxed as well as wise while choosing color of your dress for mehndi ceremony.
How to be a perfect Groom on your Wedding day
How to be a perfect Groom on your Wedding day
Be the best Groom, and prove it to every one that you are a pure Gentleman. This would definitely impress everyone present at the Wedding!
How to choose your Groom attire for your big day to look handsome
How to choose your Groom attire for your big day to look handsome
Look handsome on your Wedding day, and impress every one out there present at your Wedding. This would make you the most handsome Groom ever!
Photo: Sakshi Sood
10 things to know before you go wedding dress shopping
Personality matters to all, but for your wedding it is the most crucial requisite which blooms with the perfect attire.
Our Wedding Chapter.
How to keep everyone happy on your wedding
It's not about keeping everyone happy but making them feel involved in the celebtration is what matters the most.
How to throw the best wedding party at your place
Party in itself is a opponent of stress and tensions. So feel free and live in the moment. Once the moment is gone it ain't coming back.
30 Amazing Tanishq lightweight gold jewellery designs for guests- 2017
Amazing Tanishq lightweight gold jewellery designs for guests- 2017
Flow away in the amazing designs of the gold jewellery, that would make you look extremely beautiful at the Weddings of your loved ones!
Photo: Amrapali Jewels.
How to choose wedding jewellery to match your outfit
Wedding jewellery, many brides-to-be are overwhelmed with a choice of statement pieces to classic touches, from vintage style to glitzy glamour, sometimes it’s hard to choose from all the options.
Photo: Umrao Jewels.
Top 7 wedding jewelry shops in Jaipur
Woman and Jewelry compliment each other beautifully as they make each other look even more elegant and beautiful. So get your wedding jewelry from these top best jewelry shops in Jaipur!
Photo: Kishandas & Co.
How can a bride choose her nose ring according to her face shape
In weddings, a bride will look more attractive with a nose ring on her nose. Remember that you can't change your nose ring for several weeks after the piercing since the nose takes the time to heal.
Outfit: Shrangar.
Tips on selecting your beach Wedding wear
These tips would not only help you look beautiful, but also look stylish and elegant on your very special day!
Designer: Natasha Dalal.
How to choose your sangeet outfit - razzle and dazzle the night away
when the function is musical the choice of your sangeet outfit becomes a tough task. So let's make it easy for you to choose an outfit that suits you for the sangeet day!
Wedding Planner: Shyamalee Thevar Events.
How to choose the mehndi outfit colour to make you picture perfect!
Mehndi is all about the color of love and the color of your dress is adjacent to the occasion. So choose the best color for your mehndi

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