How to choose the right wedding ring

The most essential part of your wedding day is without a doubt the wedding ring. It is not only the symbol of your marriage, but it is something you must carry with you throughout your lifetime. For some couples, the choice is easy. If you are having doubts about what wedding ring is right for you, these tips can help you make right choice.

Photo: Soumen Nath
Photo: Rabhyaa Jewels


There are several metals that you can choose for your wedding ring. You can go for a single metal such as white or yellow gold or you can mix two metals for a unique look. While white gold makes an outstanding combination with white diamonds, yellow gold is ultimately the most traditional and most popular choice for wedding rings. Another fashionable metal you can choose for your wedding ring is platinum. It is one of the most precious and expensive metals and very popular amongst modern couples.

Photo: Amrapali Jewelers
Photo: Amrapali Jewelers


The shape of your wedding ring should be the one that best suits your style, whether it is traditional or modern. For long fingers, round rings are a great choice. If you have long fingers, go for a pear, teardrop, or contessa shape. For thinner and narrow fingers, thicker band styles and small stones will look wider and stand out on your finger. Round stones in larger settings and cluster-styles are the best for wide fingers. Large, heavyset ring styles compliment large hands and for small hands, select small heart-shaped, oval, round, or square stones.

Photo: Amrapali Jewelers
Photo: Amrapali Jewelers


Choosing the right size for your wedding ring is crucial because it is something that you will wear for the rest of your life. The ring should be comfortable and fit perfectly so you never lose it. Avoid a ring that is too tight, as it will be uncomfortable. You finger is likely to be bigger at the end of the day so it is better for you to measure your finger at that time.

Photo: Surana Jewellers of Jaipur
Photo: Rabhyaa Jeweles


You can inscribe a message in your wedding ring in order to commemorate feelings, emotions, and memories in your hand forever. It is a small message but describes your life’s biggest moment.

Photo: Soumen Nath

According to the size of your wedding ring, you can embed the name of your partner, wedding date, or any phrase that represents your special day.  Everything depends on the taste of the bride and groom.

When you go ring shopping, try on everything that catches your eye. We can’t make a decision until we try everything on!Go out and get the perfect ring!

Photo Courtesy: Soumen Nath | Jewelers: Amprapali Jewelers | Surana Jewelers of Jaipur | Rabhyaa Jewels

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