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This Brand Has The Most Stunning Bespoke Wedding Jewellery For Every Type Of Bride!

Based out of Delhi, the mother-daughter pair designs, customizes, manufactures, and sells the magnificent pieces of bridal jewellery. Read the article to know more about this luxury jewellery brand.

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Rachna Mehra & Chandini Khanna, the artistic duo started their journey 16 years ago and since then, they have been mesmerizing the royal brides with their ingenious bridal jewellery collections from their brand ‘Signature Jewellery‘. Based out of Delhi, the mother-daughter pair designs, customizes, manufactures, and sells the magnificent pieces of jewellery. They just love the fusion of Polki and diamonds, and every piece of jewellery always has a distinctive feature when it comes to customization.

We personally reached out to them to tell our Zankyou brides about their brand and what is in store for every type of Indian bride.

saveCredits: Signature Jewellery by Rachna & Chandini
Credits: Signature Jewellery by Rachna & Chandini

1. What is the inspiration behind your brand Signature Jewellery and when did it all start?

Signature jewellery by Rachna & Chandini started about 20 years ago when my mother Rachna Mehra realised how she had a great passion for jewellery designing with her whole family backing her in the decision to start this brand. Having a studio at home really tweaked my interest in the same, and I decided to join her work in college itself .

The initial idea was to keep wearability of the jewellery in mind so that whoever purchased a piece never had to think about keeping it only for the lockers. We realised how everything big is always put away, so most of our pieces are detachable with creative and concealed clasps so that our customers get maximum wear out of it

2. What does your jewellery brand stand for? Could you describe your brand in only 5 words to our brides?

Our brand stands for
1)knowledge – Rachna Mehra & Chandini Khanna are both certified gemologists so they can guarantee our customers receive the quality they pay for.. a natural flare for jewellery design also helps in maintaining the quality and finesse of the product
2)creative – we try never to repeat a pattern in stock so that everyone owns their own unique piece
3)modern – while the diamond jewellery speaks for itself, the polki jewellery too has a modern twist with the fusion of diamonds in its setting
4)personal touch – we customise pieces depending on our clients budgets, taste and occasion
5) trustworthy – with no extra overheads or middlemen, we manufacture our own jewellery under our name and deal directly with customers at the best possible prices

3. Please tell our discerning brides what makes your bespoke services different from the rest of the brands?

What’s different about us is the personal care given to each customer since we know the importance of an interpersonal relationship when it comes to purchasing jewellery. Since we don’t repeat a pattern, our brides don’t have to worry about someone they know already wearing the same piece!
Also, we customize according to their budget and outfits so that they get exactly what they’re looking for!

4. Is there any signature pattern/motifs in your collections that you highlight every time when designing the jewellery?

Our collection is different every season but our overall aesthetic remains similar, so our jewellery stands out and speaks for itself.

saveCredits: Signature Jewellery by Rachna & Chandini Learn more about “Credits: Signature Jewellery by Rachna & Chandini ”
Credits: Signature Jewellery by Rachna & Chandini

5. Who is a signature jewellery bride?

Our brides are be the happiest and most satisfied in terms of their overall look.. we try our best to achieve exactly what they have in mind and strive for perfection always!

6. Do you have any jewellery styling tips for our brides for the season fall?

We prefer layering rather than going big all the way when it comes to neck pieces. Also instead of the mathapatti (a polki or diamond string along the forehead), we recommend a big tikka along with a statement jhoomar paasa (a stunning piece worn sideways as a hair accessory)

7. Are there any particular unique colors that you think brides should experiment with this season?

Wine would be a top favorite.

8. Besides catering to magnificent bridal jewellery, do you have something for the bridesmaids, sisters and mothers too?

We do tons of stunning bracelets, rings and statement earrings starting at a gift range, which make beautiful gifts for the family and friends of the couple.

9. What are the different pieces of jewellery our brides will find in your Pandora’s box?

We on the whole focus more on earrings, bracelets and rings as that’s something our customers focus on more and end up using a lot! Apart from that we have heavy neck pieces, beautiful long strings of precious stones and gems, tikkas, jhoomar paasas and anything else that our brides want us to customise for them!

If you are a bride who likes to personalize everything for your wedding and looking for a luxury bridal jewellery brand, then get in touch with Signature Jewellery here.


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