Select a wedding dress according to your body!

Everyone has a different body shape. In respect to that, select the Wedding dress that suits your body shape perfectly!

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There are times when we have a really big crush on the Wedding dresses that we see all around, but beyond that first love, we have to be aware that the dress can be for us as well. This is because, how ever beautiful it must be, it may not feel like we think it is going to sit us down. It is pretty obvious that the Wedding dress will fit better or worse, depending up on the shape of your body. Swati Ubroi, a designer, has a few tips for you so that you can decide the type of dress according to your body-type!

savePhoto: Lensight Photography.
Photo: Lensight Photography.

Round body


If you have a round body, then ideally for your Wedding day, you must choose a V-neck, or a heart shape, so that your neck does not look weird on your special day. You must be really careful about selecting your dress, and also make sure that your dress is neither too tight, not too loose. It should be just perfect, so that you do not look awkward. You will favor drapes, as well as lengthen your silhouette with a high waist, and a skirt that flows through the body. Keeping in mind that you have a round body, you make sure that you follow the above mentioned tips. As winter is almost here, you would also want to go through the types of long sleeves for your Wedding dress, so that you can be comfortable throughout!

Body in inverted triangle

In this case, it is important to subtract amplitude to the back, the shoulders, and the chest. To do this, resort to more closed necklines, wide skirts so that you can create volume and tight belts. You can also bring attention to your hips. You can do this by choosing a narrow dress at the top, and wide at the hips, will hep you look more stylized. This way, you would look as stylish as ever, and would create an amazing impression of you on your guests. You must also get the perfect jewellery with your outfit, so that you shine as bright as a diamond, to make your special day even more special. For this, you can go through Prince Jewellery, for an exclusive collection of Bridal jewellery! Here, you can not just get jewellery for your Wedding day, but also your Pre-Wedding ceremonies. Isn’t that amazing?

savePhoto: Prince Jewellers.
Photo: Prince Jewellers.

Rectangle body

Having a rectangular body, you should avoid very tight dresses, straight lines, short sleeves, and dresses with square necklines, using V necklines to stylize and lengthen the figure, strapless, or uncovered shoulder. All you need to really make sure is that, the skirt should not be excessively long, and opt for fabrics with vertical lines, as you would tend to lose weight for the big day. You must avoid round or square necks, as well as the use of very short collars. In case you are looking for a photographer for capturing the best moments on your special day, you can contact Lensight Photography, in order to have an amazing experience and result!

Pear or triangle body

If you have this kind of a body, then you can create balance by calling attention to the top half, for it is best to choose A-line Wedding dresses. Make sure they are not so tight, so that they do not over-lap your hips over the rest of the body, so that the princess cut of the dress would be totally beneficial. The sleeves, draperies, and embellishments on the top of your dress will help you balance your figure. You have a great option to choose your necklines from one shoulder, strapless, and V-neck. The shape of your body really has a major role in selecting your Wedding dress, so that it does not look odd on your special day. Without any doubt, you would want to impress your guests with your Wedding outfit. But did you think about impressing them with your Wedding invitations? Opium Celebrations would definitely be a helping hand for you, in impressing your guests with the best invitation cards! Their ideas are not just impressive, but unique and beautiful too.

savePhoto: Opium Celebrations.
Photo: Opium Celebrations.

Body hourglass

If your figure is balanced, you have the advantage to choose to highlight your natural curves and look your figure with a Wedding dress cut siren, or tube type. You can also choose a model, that lets you see your shoulders, and can also help you analyze as to how the Wedding dress is going to look on you. If you keep imagining it in your mind, and it does not turn out the way it should have been, then it is some thing that would become the reason to spoil things on your special day. The hour of the day at which you are going to hold the Wedding also matters a lot, and has a huge impact on your selection of outfits. Evening Weddings are somewhat more convenient, and here are the reasons for it!

savePhoto: Lensight Photography.
Photo: Lensight Photography.

As your Wedding dress will be the one that makes you feel uncomfortable as you are, with the best and worst of your body! It is a matter of finding the Wedding dress that fits perfect, and makes you feel more beautiful and attractive. Having these ideas clear you can now go in search of the Wedding dress of your dreams, with which to dazzle. Looking great in photographs becomes a big challenge too, because these are the moments that you will cherish throughout the lifetime. Here are the tips to look great in your Wedding photographs, without being a professional model.

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