How To Choose Your Wedding Venue: The Zankyou Guide

Every bride-to-be wants to make sure that the wedding venue for their big day is both beautiful and practical for their guests, but there's so much choice! Here's our 7 helpful factors for choosing your wedding venue.

How To Choose Your Wedding Venue: The Zankyou Guide
The Oberoi Hotel, Bangalore
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Every bride-to-be wants to make sure that the wedding venue for their big day is both beautiful and practical for their guests, decor, photos and celebration. Luckily for Indian couples, there is an unparalleled variety of palace hotels, beach venues, luxury resorts, city terraces and jungle lodges in the diverse country of India. But this can often make the venue selection process a little harder because there’s so much choice!

So when choosing your wedding venue, there are certain factors to consider first. Before any of these, however, you should have a few dates in mind. Having the idea of a date really helps if you are going to book a venue and check their availability, but it is also important to be able to be flexible on dates if there is a venue you really want to secure. Have a think about dates, and then consider these 7 helpful factors for choosing your wedding venue.

1. Location

It goes without saying that to decide on a venue you first need to decide on where in the country (or abroad), your wedding will take place. If you’re an adventurous couple holding a destination wedding, then it is a good idea to hire a wedding planner that knows the area or do your research on the best venues. If you’re hoping to marry close to home, then maybe you have some venues in mind.

Whether your location is in the mountains, the jungle, the cities or along the coast, make sure you have this decision firmly made before doing anything else!

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The Leela Palace, New Delhi

2. Accessibility

Once you have your location sorted, you can narrow down your search with a few venue options. One important thing to look at is their accessibility and practicality. Which venue is easiest to get to for your guests? Is it close enough to your home or your accommodation so that you can get there easily to check all is going well with the setup?

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The Oberoi, Bangalore

3. Capacity

By now you will have a rough idea of how many guests you would like to invite to your wedding, you may even have confirmed a final list of invites. So always check before booking your venue that they have the capacity for all of your loved ones. Many gran hotels and wedding venues with have multiple spaces, some even being able to cater for up to 2000 guests!

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The Leela Palace, Bangalore

4. Guest Accommodation

Whether you’re holding a destination wedding or not, it is likely that many of your guests will be travelling from afar to make it to your wedding, and so will need nearby accommodation. If you’re having a big hotel wedding, then check with the hotel that they can accommodate everyone. If you’re getting married in a church or beach/mountain venue, then make sure there are available hotels nearby.

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Taj Diplomatic Enclave, Delhi

5. Spaces (Indoor/Outdoor)

When you’re looking at the venues themselves, have a think about where in the building or complex you would like to host the celebration. Some venues have a variety of function rooms or grand ballrooms, as well as terraces and outdoor garden or poolside areas that allow for an al fresco party under the stars. Consider your capacity, and then enquire with the venue which spaces would be available.

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The Oberoi Hotel, Bangalore

6. Exclusivity

Depending on the size of the venue, you may find that they cannot offer you complete exclusivity for the day of the wedding. It may be that they have a few grand event spaces and so tend to hold more than one wedding on at once. This can mean less commitment from event planning staff or limited guest accommodation, so always check before you book!

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The Taj West End, Bangalore

7. Package

With all of the above factors in mind, such as the beautiful location of the venue and its practicality for your guests, it is now important to consider what is included and provided by the venue. Is there a planning package, complete with a wedding planner and events team? Is the caterer provided by the venue or is this something you have to source yourself? Is there a complete package that includes flowers, photographers, cake and transport?

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Taj Diplomatic Enclave, Delhi

With these 7 factors considered, your venue search will be much easier! Now all that’s left to do is send out the invitations…

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