How to choose the perfect luxury wedding venue

Planning your Wedding is something that is pretty difficult, and so is deciding the venue. Here, we make it easier to do so!

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You might be really excited for your Wedding, and would have decided every thing that is going to happen and already have it all pre-planned. But the major question that arises is that, where is the Wedding going to take place? Selecting a venue for your Wedding is something that is very important and essential, and needs a lot of attention. Tarun Jha is here to help you out with a few points, regarding the same!

savePhoto: Tarun Jha Photography.
Photo: Tarun Jha Photography.



It being an Indian Wedding, it is pretty obvious that your Wedding is not going to have a small amount of people, but a really large one. Indian Weddings are probably the only ones that are the most crowded, because there are a lot of guests to invite. This is some where good in a way, but it also creates a problem when it comes to the spacing. When you know that there are tons of people who are going to attend your Wedding, then you must book a venue that can hold that capacity, so that it does not create a major chaos. You can also look forward for the best seating arrangements for the venue, so that every one is comfortable enough!

Time of the function

The time at which your Wedding ceremony would take place is also very essential for choosing the Wedding venue that would be just perfect for your special day. As this is the Winter season, this is something you really need to take care of. If you are hosting a Wedding at the day time, then there is no harm in keeping the venue at the outdoors, as the weather would be comparatively warmer. If you are planning to have an evening Wedding, then you must definitely go for an indoor venue, because you would not want your guests and especially you and your partner to fall ill on your very special day. The better option would be to organize an evening Wedding, as would be really convenient for you and your guests. Here are a few reasons for holding an evening Wedding!


If you are organizing your Wedding in a hotel, then you must make sure that the food of the hotel is good enough. This is because, no matter how amazing the Wedding is, at the end of the day, people judge it by the food. If the food is good, then the Wedding is good. If you are having your Wedding done at your private venue, then you must make sure that the caterers that you choose, are good enough and have a high reputation in the market. This is because, you need to make sure that the quality of food does not turn you down at your own Wedding. You can hire Seasons Group for an amazing catering experience, and amazing food quality!

savePhoto: Seasons Group.
Photo: Seasons Group.

Location of the Wedding

More than any thing else, you must make sure that the location of the Wedding you choose, must be convenient for every single person who is invited. There must be people in your guests list who have really small babies, whom they can not bring to such huge functions. Not just them, there must be old people too. So, you must select the location of your Wedding wisely, so that every one can be on your special day on time, and so that they can all enjoy every ceremony, without missing any part of it. You can choose Ambience Golf Drive as your Wedding venue, for its elegant halls, and have an amazing experience!


Your Wedding is not going to be any small event. With so many people invited, there are going to be many cars as well, with out any single piece of doubt in mind. You must select a venue that has the capacity of holding as many cars as possible, because every family that would be invited to your Wedding would get their own vehicle, which would be parked. If there is no parking available, then they would have to park it really far away from the venue, which would definitely take the spark and excitement of attending your Wedding away from them! You can also glam up your Wedding with amazing Wedding themes, and here is how you can think of the perfect one!

Talk to people

What you would be doing at your Wedding would be for the guests, more than for you. So, what is better than taking their advice on where they want the venue to be final, so that every one can have truck-loads of fun. The best people to ask for opinions would be your best friends. Well, no one can be more excited than your best friends for your Wedding, right? They would be the ones enjoying the most, because come on, their best friend is getting MARRIED! Every Wedding has fireworks, right? Well, here is how you can plan the perfect fireworks and lighting for your Wedding to be more special.

savePhoto: Tarun Jha Photography.
Photo: Tarun Jha Photography.

Choosing the perfect venue for your Wedding is some thing very essential, as it does not just help you gain reputation, but make your special day even more special. If the guests who would attend you Wedding are impressed enough, then your entire purpose of holding a grand Wedding would be successful. Just in case you are wondering about the jewellery that you have to wear on your special day, and is not decided yet, then you can have a look at Tanisha Jewellers for an amazing collection!

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