How to select the most creative "phoolon ki chaddar" for your wedding!

If there’s that one thing which is as important as your bridal attire, it certainly is how you make that grand entry and of course with the phoolon ki chaadar.

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If there is one thing just as important as your bridal lehenga, it’s how you make an entry while looking gorgeous. Every bride-to-be dreams of her perfect entrance on her wedding. “The bride dressed in her beautiful lehenga accompanied by her brothers holding the beautiful Phoolon ki chaadar on the perfect track and of course all eyes are on the bride. It is something which makes every bride feel like a princess” Purushottam Deb. There are various styles which can be tried, like using different flowers and their buds, the fabric chaddar and many more.

savePhoto: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.
Photo: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.

The Umbrella


One of the options for the marquee for the bride is the body of an umbrella decorated with flowers and pearls. four people hold the umbrella over the bride. The flowers can vary from marigold, roses, lilies, mogra, etc. Pearls hangings can also be used to enhance the decoration. The most stunning ideas to decorate your autumn wedding.

savePhoto: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.
Photo: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.

Gold Mesh

Instead of a floral chadar, you can go for an amazing golden threaded net which shines in bright lights. You can cover the boundaries of the frame with flowers and pretty crown. This will also be very light weight and can assist you well in carrying. Ideas to brighten up your Wedding in the most beautiful way!

savePhoto: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.
Photo: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.

Woven Flower Net

Talking about nets, even a woven net with bright coloured wool looks pretty if you don’t want to handle something soft as a golden net. You can beautify this net by adding flowers and hanging glsses. How to brighten up your wedding in the most beautiful way.

savePhoto: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.
Photo: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.

Pom Poms

Colorful thread balls or popularly known as pom poms look really pleasing to the eyes owing to the bright colors cuteness. With pom poms, you don’t need to add other elements as the entire chaadar filled with pom poms is enough to decorate it. How to make the most out of your wedding!

savePhoto: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.
Photo: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.


Kaleeras are a part of Hindu and Punjabi wedding traditions but they have been in demand across the country. The phoolon ki chaadar is decorated with kaleeras in many parts of India. Kaleeras as a décor element has been popular due to the awesomeness it creates. Get your wedding planned by FNP Wedding Planners.

savePhoto: FNP Weddings.
Photo: FNP Weddings.


Using a beautiful dupatta from your mother’s wedding dress is an amazing option with a lot of emotions attached. It will definitely make your guests admire while creating a special memory for you and your mother. You can go for any color with polka dots and flowers. You can also go for a beautiful zardosi and tilla chaadar as it will add the royal touch to your wedding entry. Select a wedding dress according to your body!

savePhoto: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.
Photo: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.


A chaadar covered with colourful lights over a plain cloth or white lights over colourful cloth is a pitch perfect idea if your wedding is more on the funky side. For more thoughts and ideas you can check out Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, a bollywood movie where the actress enters her wedding venue under a lighted chaadar. Get your wedding outfit from Natasha Dalal.

savePhoto: Natasha Dalal.
Photo: Natasha Dalal.

Beads or Pearls and Threads

Beads and pearls are an every season decorating items, a phoolon ki chaadar decorated with white artificial pearls and hanging flowers is a steady and pretty option. Thread ridge can be used instead of flowers which can flow like bells and look beautiful. You can also add chime to the end of the hanging frill to create a ringing sound while the bride walks towards her groom. How to choose the most luxurious decoration for your haldi ceremony.

savePhoto: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.
Photo: Purushottam Deb Photoworks.


Zerbera or daisy flowers are very pretty and stand apart from other flowers. You can create a chaadar with two or three contrasting zerbera flowers which look really pretty. You don’t need to fill the chaadar with a lot flowers, a string of beads or pearls can be used and zerbera flowers can be placed at a distance with each other. Fresh Knots can be your florist at your wedding.

savePhoto: Fresh Knots.
Photo: Fresh Knots.


Phulkari chaadar itself is enrobed with heavy and colourful mesh and can be used as phoolon ki chaadar without adding other ornaments to it. The other advantage of using this, for those who carry the chaadar, is its light weight. Get your makeup done by Shreya & Chandani.

savePhoto: Shreya & Chandani.
Photo: Shreya & Chandani.

From an emotional point of view, the importance this chaadar holds for the bride and her parents is also expressed better when she walks down the aisle carrying the love and teachings of her parents on. So, choose your chaadar wisely and look beautiful under the shed of your dreams! How to select the best Wedding gift for your Bride.

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