How to choose the best destination to celebrate your wedding

The wedding is one of the most important parts of your life. Some prefer for destination and some for court marriage. But I must say destination is one of the most romantic weddings, it gives you the time to know each other. Here comes the best destination to celebrate your wedding. The planner which planned this wedding very nicely is The 7 Vows and they say “The destination which you choose should be guest friendly, easily reachable, not much crowded and of course beautiful. We prefer either a beautiful beach or a royal palace. Keep in mind the climate conditions before finalizing the destination.”

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The location is very important for any wedding. Do the research and find out the best place for your wedding. While doing the research make sure that you know what type of location you’ll be needed. Travel and find out what would be best for your wedding. See for outdoor fun and gather your friends to help you out in that. The possibilities are endless nowadays.

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You can go for many seasons. If you prefer rainy than go for the best place where venue looks beautiful. Seasons are the major thing where you need to travel and find out best places for your wedding day. Seasonal marriage is very romantic and sensational. If you go for offseason then it might be a major loss for you. So before planning everything does the research first.

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Go for trip

Go for a trip with your partner and find out which place you like the most. This will help you in your research. And by that, you can also spend some time with your partner. Make a list of places you want to go. Go through the internet once and find the best places for a wedding. Also, keep in mind of what weather out there is.

Photo: Umaid Bhawan Palace.

Ask for help

You can also ask your siblings or your friends to join with you and finding out what places are best for the wedding. This might help you to work less and work will be equally divided into equal parts. You can also ask the people who are out there or live there about the weather and crowd. But research is a must. Don’t go without research or may have trouble while finding the venue.

Take care of guests

Guests are one of the important parts of the wedding. So while booking sees that guests are also comfortable during traveling. After reaching at the venue get best rooms for guests, because they are the one who judges the wedding. Invite everyone for the rehearsals for the dance. Be nice and polite to them. Listen to their problem and make sure they have no issues.

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A quick checklist

Once you are done with your destination check what else you have left with. Whether the major role and justification are provided for a major role of activity in which you can show your full interest. A list should always be prepared for the wedding. It shows you how to manage everything and completing every section easily.

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Compare the lists

Highlight the major places you want to go and see what your guide has suggested you for. Much like couples and their weddings, countries, islands, states and resorts have distinct personalities. Take into account travel time and accessibility for you and your guests.  There are hotels that focus on haute cuisine, while others highlight the spa.

Photo: The 7 Vows.

Choose the resort

Some resorts require minimum spending on food and beverage and/or room nights. Clarify all that in this initial correspondence. Ask about accessibility to the airport, major cities and any wedding-weekend excursions that you may be considering. You’ll also want to ask basic weather-plan questions. Ask about site inspection trips and planning opportunities.

Dream destination

Some couples decide against their dream destination weddings because of health considerations for parents or elderly relatives who would be crushed to miss the affair but couldn’t possibly travel. Not every couple are good candidates for a destination wedding. The photographer who clicked shots for the wedding was Dhiraj Amritraj say ” If you live in a place which is a popular tourist destination or has lot places to visit around the city, you can consider it having your destination as people will enjoy visiting the places in free time. your hometown is where the majority of your friends and family live, so it makes the most sense to host your wedding there.”

Photo: The 7 Vows.

You have a year to throw an at-home reception for those folks who want to help celebrate your good news. And that reception can be something much more casual and inexpensive, meaning you’ll be more relaxed and have a better time when you go to your own party.

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