Why Having A Wedding On A Cruise Can Be The Best Thing Ever!

Want a Bollywood theme Indian wedding on a cruise? Then Tirun travel marketing is here to make your dream come true!

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Having your wedding on a cruise can be an exuberant experience undoubtedly. It will be a once in a lifetime gala experience for all your high-spirited family & friends to witness your wedding in the lap of nature. Imagine saying your wedding vows on a luxury cruise ship with the deep blue ocean as your silent witness in your ever lasting romance.


But to have a smooth experience on your D-day, you need a team of professionals to bring your dreams into reality. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. , headed by Tirun 25, is here to give you exactly that. Tirun Travel Marketing has been hosting successful Indian weddings since 2008 and the CEO of Tirun Travel Marketing, Ratna Chadha, calls cruise wedding, the new “IT” thing. They make sure they have something for everyone, even for the adventurous couples who like to get high on adrenaline.

Read how they can help you recreate your very own fairy tale wedding.

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Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Tirun travel marketing plans your wedding from beginning to end

Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Learn more about “Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ”
Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

And not every cruise line plans your entire wedding. But Tirun Travel Marketing makes sure you just sit back and enjoy your wedding as you are supposed to, and they take care of everything. From your Mehendi ceremony to the entire decor to planning menus, they leave no stone unturned to execute the perfect wedding for you.

They combine services for your wedding and honeymoon

Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Learn more about “Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ”
Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

You read it right! It can be also be a wedding and honeymoon combination. What a great way to start your new life  and it’s first chapter experiencing out-of-the-world services. Everything is customized according to your needs and taste, and that’s the best part. Their destinations and ports include Asia’s and Europe’s best romantic honeymoon places where you and partner can indulge your senses in an oasis of serenity.

They also offer different venues

Sometimes different venues options are not available even for an outdoor or an indoor wedding. “Tirun travel marketing” does not only provide services for planning and execution but you also have an option to choose from their different venues with magnificent interiors and lavish settings.  What’s more? venues are included in the evaluated cost, so it works out to be very cost-efficient.

The venues can accommodate the same number of guests as does any 5-star hotel

Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Learn more about “Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ”
Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Isn’t it wonderful? You can have your intimate wedding ceremony of 10 people, or you can also have a big fat Indian wedding of up to 1,400 guests. “Tirun travel marketing” offers venues that are diverse not just in terms of interiors and settings but also in terms of capacity.

They have something in store for all the adventure-loving couples too

Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Learn more about “Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ”
Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

We are 100% sure that right now you are stoked! If you are an adventurer at heart and if together you want to take your wedding to the extreme, then “Tirun travel marketing” will make it happen. Their cruises are chock-full of activities and they offer skydiving simulation. Needless to say, this makes your wedding even kids friendly. Let everyone know what royal and exuberance Indian wedding on a cruise is all about.

You can have your very own Bollywood theme wedding

Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Learn more about “Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ”
Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Or any theme wedding for that matter. With their exciting customized packages that include services even for planning, arranging and executing themes weddings, you just need to lend your vision to them and they will turn your dream into reality. From wine tastings and globally-inspired meals to musical theater shows, your wedding will not just only be about nuptials.

Get ready to fill your wedding album with #instaworthy pictures

Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Learn more about “Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. ”
Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Because you get more than just professionals catering to your individual needs. You get the perks of getting hitched in an exotic environs, and you & your photographer won’t have to deal with the unnecessary hassle of arranging the different backdrops. Just imagine getting ready in a stateroom with splendid interiors and your photographers snapping a perfect shot of your lehenga hanging by your side! Or witnessing the dolphins leaping while the ocean breeze carries romance through the air on your Mehendi day. How amazing it would be!

You can have a beach style wedding without worrying about inclement weather

If you desire beach weddings but hate the problems attached to it like logistics, permissions, backup plan for inclement weather, a fixed timeline for your wedding, perfect heels for the beach etc etc, then you can plan your beachesque wedding on Royal Caribbean Cruises’ Ltd. luxury cruise ship. With the divine blue sky above your head and crystal clear water beneath your feet, you will have a breathtaking experience.

And that’s not all! There’s a lot more to find out about the professionals at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and how they can provide you with the best of the best bespoke services.

For more information about hosting your dream wedding on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, click here



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