The Most Picturesque Locations In Mexico For Your Big Fat Indian Wedding

No doubt that Mexico is one of the unique countries in the world where you will always be encompassed by high spirited people. The jubilant ambiance and the pleasant weather will compel you to stay there forever. Make your wedding an affair to remember by hosting it in Mexico.

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No doubt that Mexico  is one of the unique countries in the world where you will always be encompassed by high spirited people. The jubilant ambiance and the pleasant weather will compel you to stay there forever. The amazing Acapulco and the exceptional Ixtapa are some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places where your entire family and guests can enjoy every minute of the day. Make your wedding an affair to remember by hosting it in Mexico.

Discover Mexico for your wedding!
Yucatán. Photo: Cristian Jesús Díaz Rosetto.

Riviera Nayarit

An entourage of sea & mountains, beaches & forests, islands & marshlands, and whales & tiny towns make this transcendent coast that is Riviera Nayarit. It is located on the 300 kilometer-long beach that adorns the Virgin Coast of the Pacific. Situated alongside the Mexican coast, the natives will make you feel like at home–one of the main reasons for Riviera Nayarit‘s popularity.

It has caught everyone’s attention because of its gorgeous marshlands, wetlands, lakes, lagoons, towns and ecological reserves. The location is also budget friendly; one more reason to just go there for your D-day. So why not celebrate your wedding where you’re surrounded by welcoming inhabitants and serene settings?

Discover Riviera Nayarit for your wedding!
Riviera Nayarit. Photo: Eva Sica.

Los Cabos

It is known as one of the most noteworthy locations in Mexico and is located in the very south of Baja California. Its mountainous desert – referred to as The End of the World – is known for being the last piece of land in the Peninsula of Baja California. The crystal waters, beautiful mountains, vibrant crowd & culture, attract visitors every year in great numbers. This distinctive location also offers bespoke wedding packages for the couples. One of its beaches is called as Lovers Beach, so how can you miss experiencing its beauty?

Discover Los Cabos for your wedding!
Los Cabos. Photo: Julieta Amezcua.


Veracruz has the most important commercial maritime port in Mexico. The tropical climate will favor any type of wedding season. The city also has historical and cultural significance and it is being said that it had been founded by Hernán Cortés. It is in this region of the country where the Spanish conquistadores landed. Its rivers, food,  forests, and even the immaculate streets will draw you toward it; like a magnet attracts metals.

Get ready to fall in love all over again!

Discover Veracruz for your wedding!
Veracruz. Photo: Erick Pozos.


Do you want to celebrate your wedding day away from all the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city? Then Yucatán, known for its placidity and purity is the place to go. The marvels, mysteries, and traditions of the Mayan form a perfect wedding package all together for every Indian bride and groom. Yucatán is home to one of the first civilizations on the continent that draws millions of visitors every year. And that’s not all, you will also find Chichén Itzá – a World Heritage Site to appreciate nature’s beauty.

Discover Yucatán for your wedding!
Yucatán. Photo: Felipe Gaber Díaz.

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its immense assortment of social occasions, customary highlights, and historical significance- do we need to say more? And do you know the best part about this place that every Indian will love? It is customary for wedding party to have a procession through the streets accompanied by “Mojigangas“, giant decorative puppets- just like our very own Indian wedding baraat! Now, you don’t have to worry about skipping everyone’s favorite part about the Indian wedding, Baraat, because you’re in a different country.

Discover San Miguel for your wedding.
San Miguel de Allende. Photo: Jonathan Hazael Mares.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

This place is for all the maverick Indian brides. Ixtapa, Zihuantanejo presents a perfect setting for your bohemian wedding. Not just the environs but the people and delicacies make this place an exceptional one. The place with its golden sandy beaches and the heavenly twilights is a great amalgamation for your wedding’s decor and ambiance. If you want to stay there for your reception, then the place also offers some of the best hotels known for their best services in Mexico.

Discover Ixtapa for your wedding!
Ixtapa. Photo: Horacio Hernandez.


This place is located in the center of Mexico  and is known as the most romantic city there. The city offers the perfect aspects suitable for any wedding. This is one of the cities where you will find everything heavily influenced by European culture, so needless to say that the places will provide you with the most magnificent backdrops for your wedding. Besides an indoor wedding venue, you can also opt for museums, buildings, mansions, hotels, gardens, and vineyards for your perfect fairy tale wedding.

Discover Zacatecas for your wedding!
Zacatecas. Photo: Ossiel Compean.


Chiapas is in the South-East of the country and is one of the most photographic places in Mexico. You will be fascinated to know the pre-Hispanic characteristics this place has and it will also give you many reasons to appreciate its futuristic innovations. The natural countryside views along with the beaches and rainforests offer many options for your wedding venue. You can explore Chiapas‘s natural reserves with your partner if you want to have the most thrilling pre-wedding shoot.

Discover Chiapas for your wedding!
Chiapas. Photo: Ramiro Montes de Oca.
Discover Chiapas for your wedding!
Chiapas. Photo: Ramiro Montes de Oca.

Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is a beauty beyond imagination. The place is filled with extraordinary beaches, ecological hotspots, and archaeological sites that present a perfect opportunity to choose this as your dream wedding destination. Extending from the Yucatán peninsula to Honduras, this paradise has an ideal and the most glorious setting to offer. The deep blue sea and the pastel red sunset form an excellent contrasting color scheme for your wedding atmosphere. Places like Cozumel and Cancún known for their coral reefs, marine diversity and the clarity of their waters, are perfectly complemented by the impressive hotel infrastructure.

Discover Riviera Maya for your wedding!
Riviera Maya. Photo: Alan Fresnel.


With its pure environment, history & tradition, and stunning architecture, Hidalgo is one of a kind town in Mexico that will sweep you off your feet. Located in the east of Mexico, this place makes a great choice for all the adventurous couples, whether you’re in the small towns or in the countryside. Hidalgo with its changeable climate and the rich arts and culture, which stretches from the prehispanic era to the modern day, will leave a long lasting impact on you. The delectable indigenous food is something that you can’t miss including in your wedding food menu. The primitive history and stories separate this place from rest of the world.

Discover Hidalgo for your wedding!
Hidalgo. Photo: Daniel Ferral.


Known for its covert and confined corners where lovers recreated their own version of Romeo and Juliet, Guanajuato is distinguished for its history of love and romance. This colonial capital, is also known for the fighting spirit of the Mexican people that was seen most vividly during the Civil War, and stands as a witness to cultural history. Talk a walk with your lover around the gardens, hotels and buildings whilst you’re learning about the history and the legends from the singing tour guide, and seal your love with a kiss at the infamous Callejón del Beso.

Discover Guanajuato for your wedding!
Guanajuato. Photo: Jonathan Hazael Mares.

Puerto Vallarta

How about visiting a place that is rich in its traditional Mexican essence and is truly a scenic paradise? If your answer is yes, then Puerto Vallarta in Mexico can make your dream come true. Not only it is brimming with luxury hotels and authentic Mexican restaurants, but it also offers other fun activities that you can enjoy with your partner or even your bridesmaids. Lay down on the balmy beaches and enjoy the magnificent horizons with your lover at this most picturesque place.

Discover Puerto Vallarta for your wedding!
Puerto Vallarta. Photo: Diana Flores.


Do you want to experience the electrifying feeling once again you got when you first saw each other? Then Acapulco in Mexico could be your desired place. Known for its friendly people, fabulous beaches, favorable climate and comely scenery, this location is one of the most preferred locations for international wedding. You can call it the most beauteous hub of beaches. Apart from the beaches, it is also a blooming city, so finding the perfect location in this city is an effortless task.

Discover Acapulco for your wedding!
Acapulco. Photo: Jesús Espinosa.


Are you and your favorite people love wine so much that you’re probably having a wedding just for this? Then Querétaro, a colonial town in Mexico is the place to have your wedding at. Famous for its wine, the place also surprises the visitors because of its lively ambiance. If you also fancy knowing about a place’s historical significance and cultural aspects, then this could be your fantasy land for the wedding.

Discover Querétaro for your wedding!
Querétaro. Photo: Marco Moreno.


Brimming with tradition in Mexico, the place is beautifully ringed with gorgeous environs, stunning architectural venues, and a clear blue sky. This place will leave you enchanted with its cultural mix of prehispanic towns and the Spanish conquistador settlements as it has a strong indigenous influence. The beauty of the establishments is due to its designs being influenced by the colonial era, which is what makes this place a perfect destination for your European vintage theme wedding. Tlaxcala’s pleasant climate, natural beauty and cultural and historic status make it one of the most perfect places for your wedding day.

Discover Tlaxcala for your wedding!
Tlaxcala. Photo: Sergio Escobedo.


Known as the City of Light, Taxco is one of the principal tourist centers of the state of Guerrero. As it is alongside Acapulco and Ixtapa, the place also forms the Triangle of Sun, a Mexican paradise. Its cobbled streets, alleys and squares are just a few of the many reasons for this place being famous among the people from all over the world. After falling in head over heels with each other, it is now time to fall in love with this admirable magical place that offers a myriad of options for your wedding venue.

Discover Taxco for your wedding!
Taxco. Photo: Juan Ramón Brito Cuevas.

The Indian wedding is all about fun, memorable experience, high-spirited guests, enthusiast bridesmaids & groomsmen, overwhelmed family and a vibrant decor. And if you want to integrate all these things into your wedding, then Mexico could be the ultimate miraculous option for your wedding ceremonies.


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