How to choose a wedding dress for a beach wedding

Once in a while in middle the life, love gives us true mate. Cherishing them together and enjoying every moment of life because this day you are together forever.

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Beach wedding one of the most favorable and romantic. The sand touching your toes, the waves crashing in and a perfect experience of traveling together to a unique location where you both are going to be together forever. Navdeep Soni who had clicked the pictures of the couple says “Sleeveless styles are in fashion and looks nice in the evening, make sure you choose the dress which suits your body type and enhances your presence. Choose a color which will stand out against the sand and water. ”  These are few ways that help you to select your beach wedding dress.

savePhoto: Navdeep Soni Photography.
Photo: Navdeep Soni Photography.

Perfect fabric

Light fabric in which you are comfortable will be the best. There are many fabrics you can choose for your wedding dress, but not all fabric are meant for the beach. Some fabrics are too warm or too delicate for the beach, while others are just right.  If it’s summers then you can go with floral prints, if winters then a white gown with good black ribbon lace. Even with lots of sequences or ribbons can weigh a dress down. Go for a decent and pretty look or else you can add few memorable pieces of stuff into your gown. But make sure it doesn’t look that cozy.

savePhoto: Navdeep Soni Photography.
Photo: Navdeep Soni Photography.

Beautiful style

The style which makes you look beautiful. Going casually on your wedding day might look very common. But going casually wearing your bridal gown on a beach is perfect. This will make you look more pretty and yourself. The couple chooses the designer was Jasmine Bains. Large gowns with ducks will be difficult while traveling.

savePhoto: Jasmie Bains.
Photo: Jasmine Bains.

Traditional  dress

You might picture yourself wearing a gown and walking towards you partner and thinking how you look on your wedding day. Wearing a traditional dress on our day will make you look different and unique. The traditional wedding dress is more beautiful than a western white gown. Indian bride looks so pretty when they put the traditional wedding dress on with the completed makeup. It can be a picture which you saw in a magazine while your research. You might be picturing yourself in a beautiful dress and that time you dream come true. traditional dresses will look more decent and attractive. it surely makes you look beautiful. When you are going to buy your wedding dress remember to take a picture of how or which type of dress you want that will help your tailor to understand quickly.

savePhoto: Jasmie Bains.
Photo: Jasmine Bains.

Romantic beach 

If your dream wedding is to be a princess on the beach who is swept off her feet by her beloved price, then these truly romantic gowns will be the perfect dress for you. With a bouquet full of red roses. This will make your gown look more attractive. Beach wedding itself is a very romantic. You can make your wedding romantic by ambient music. Of course, everyone on your wedding is going to want you and your partner to dance. By dancing on a romantic song will make your wedding romantic. Launching fireworks or lanterns together this might add serious sparkle to your wedding. Try to get more close by asking the photographer to click pictures and give nice pictures on your dream day.

savePhoto: Navdeep Soni Photography.
Photo: Navdeep Soni Photography.

Plan your wedding 

The worst thing that’ll happen is traveling to the venue without your dress. We suggest you order early and make sure it fits you perfectly. Never ever order your dress on resort or hotel. Sometimes dress doesn’t come on time or it gets lost by any waiter. Play it safe order your dress before 4 to 3 months and keep your dress with you and travel with your dress to the venue. Always keep a sewing kit with you. If your dress has any issue regarding the size you can make it right easily. Do not consider to order late that will become a big issue for you consider using the rush order that will make sure that you have your dress before leaving.

savePhoto: Navdeep Soni Photography.
Photo: Navdeep Soni Photography.

Dress and make up

While you are using a beach wedding dress keep in mind about the season and the color. If its winters you don’t need bright colors, go with soft colors in which you look beautiful. Make up was done by Guru Makeup Artist Sometimes when you buy your dress the color looks different so make sure before buying see the color in the sun that will help you to find the perfect color. Keep in mind about the photographs to because that’s the major memory on your wedding day.


Select the venue

The main problem is faced by couples is the venue. Make sure you book your hotel near your venue so that you won’t get late on your wedding day.  See the arrangements before going to the function because in some cases you don’t like the decorations and the venue. The venue which our couple selected was Caravela Beach Resort, Goa It is 100 meters away from Varca beach. But since it is closeby, people have to walk only for 5mins from our resort. It’s quite nice because the couple can enjoy the walk together. Also, Regenta resort Varca beach is in south goa which has beautiful clean beaches so South goa is the best place to choose for a destination wedding.

savePhoto: Caravela Beach Resort.
Photo: Caravela Beach Resort.

Lat of all remember to calm and relax day and you’ll be the one as a major part of the wedding. You’re off to a romantic and memorable day.

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