How To Choose Your Wedding Lehenga Colour

Indian weddings are more colourful than any other. European brides dress in predominantly white, whereas India’s age-old tradition sees brides in dazzling red and gold. Traditions have changed however, and more Indian brides are trading red for other bright colours, like deep blues, oranges, and greens.

As a bride-to-be, choosing the right colour for your wedding outfit has become a difficult part of the wedding planning process. So we at Zankyou have come up with a list of factors to take into consideration, complete with images from our favourite professional photographers that will provide some much needed inspiration!

Photo: Nitin Arora Photography

1. Identify Your Skin Tone

Many people do not know their skin tone when asked. But it is really easy to figure it out for yourself! Simply have a look at the veins under your wrist, and if they appear blue then you are cool toned, and if they are greener then you have a warm tone. Warm toned brides have a more yellowy skin, and cooler toned skin is pinker.

With this in mind, choose the colours that best suit your skin tone, so that your beauty radiates naturally and wow’s your guests and loved ones. With a cool skin tone, deep colours like wine, pomegranate, royal blue and emerald green really complement your pretty complexion. Alternatively, warmer skin tones look great with bright yellow, orange and red, along with pastels and nudes.

Photo: Roma Ganesh Photography

2. Think About Your Colour Scheme

Before choosing your preferred outfit colour, it’s always a good idea to think about the colour palette for the wedding itself. What colour flowers will you choose? What table decorations? How can your decorations co-ordinate perfectly with your carefully chosen dress or suit?

If you’re going for a Royal Maharaja theme, with deep rich colours, then adorn yourself in regal tones and elaborate jewellery. If you’re going for a light, pastel toned wedding, then dress in a beautiful nude colour with silver embellishments. You will be the centre of attention if all the wedding’s decor and colours link straight back to you in your beautiful outfit.

Photo: Next Shutter Studio

Here’s some pastel and nude inspiration from the renowned designer, Kamaali Couture.

Photo: Kamaali Couture

3. Co-ordinate With The Season

The season in which you host your wedding is also an undeniably important factor. In cooler months like December, you have the ability to wear more heavyweight fabrics such as satin or velvet, and this also warrants deeper colours, like navy blue.

In summer, you can think about lighter fabrics and colours. Such as a beige or light grey flowy sari or thin lehenga.

Photo: Jay Joshi Photography

Whatever colour you choose to wear on your wedding day, we are sure that you will look radiant and stunning. However, so that you can feel confident in yourself, and look co-ordinated in the wedding photos, make sure you consider these three factors when choosing your bridal outfit colour!

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