5 Top Tips For Bride And Groom Colour Co-ordination

When planning the outfits for your big day, it’s always a good idea to think about how you and your loved one will look as a couple. You may want to match your colours completely, or style a co-ordination that is perhaps more subtle. First, you need to think about your wedding theme, decoration colours, and logistical factors like the weather and costs. Once you have decided on these, the fun really starts!

Indian weddings are known for their colours and extravagance, so make sure you and your loved one look like the stars of the show. All of the focus will be on your love story, but your outfits as a couple will be crucial to the style of the whole event. Here are 5 ways to co-ordinate as newlyweds on your special day.

1. Co-ordinate on Patterns

If your personal style is centred around prints and patterns, then make sure you and your husband-to-be don’t clash in any way. Choose patterns that complement each other according to colour, or matching patterns. This will also depend on the colours used on the intricate embroidery, and whether they go well together.

Photo: The Royal Affair

2. Same Flowers

If you and your loved one will be wearing completely different outfits and colours, then use your floral bouquet to match the flowers on the groom and the bridesmaids. This is a perfect way to tie the wedding party together coherently, in a way that is both subtle yet stylish. 

Photo: 1 Plus 1 Studio

3. Same Colour

If you and your fiancé both love a particular colour, or both want to wear an elegant, dark colour like navy blue or black, then simply wear matching outfits. You will look both smart and united, as stylishly make a statement and seem perfect together in photos. Be careful with bright colours though, as a full on match between you both may look too striking.

Photo: Akshay Sansare Photography

4. Same Palette, Different Tones

If you choose a particular colour palette for your big day, such as pastel or nude hues, then co-ordinate as a couple but wearing different tones. This slight variation will mark you apart as two chic entities, but will tie you together for a pretty co-ordination.

Photo: Coffee Stains

5. Contrasting Colour, Matching Accessories

Another favourite this season is to subtly co-ordinate according to accessories. If the bride wears a bright colour such as red, peach or pink, the groom will look handsome by her side wearing a contrasting colour, like beige or cream, but with a particular coloured accessory to match his stunning bride.

Photo: Harleendeol7
Photo: Harleendeol7

Co-ordinating with your loved one allows you to be creative and personal, so take these 5 possibilities on board while you search for the perfect outfits!

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