How to select Sangeet songs for your dance ceremony

Select the best songs for your Sangeet ceremony, and make each and every guest groove on the beats of those songs!

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Sangeet is probably the most happening function of an Indian marriage. It involves not just the Bridal couple in it, but every single person present at the ceremony, may it be an elder or a small child. It involves such amazing songs, that every one would not be able to help, but groove to those beats. Mahima Bhatia would give you some tips. These tips are the ones to select Sangeet songs for your dance ceremony!

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

Most popular


The first thing that you must keep in mind is the selection of songs. You need to make sure that you select the most popular songs. This helps in involving almost every one present at the venue. You can also have dance performances done on this ceremony, to add more value to it. For this, you can contact India Choreographers and have an amazing time! Every one takes interest in popular songs, especially the youth, and that helps in keeping every one entertained as well. It will be not just a good time for the guests, but for you as well.

Peppy numbers

One of the types of songs that are enjoyed the most among the people are the peppy numbers. These have different types of beats that can make any one and every one dance on it. Such songs are easy to dance on, as they have their own patent steps, and are loved by almost every one. This can come under the popular song category too, as it is heard a lot by the people! To play these peppy numbers, or any other song, you would definitely need a DJ, who would make it easier for you to set up every thing, and would help you have more fun. In this case, you can contact DJ Ravish for an amazing time on your Sangeet ceremony. It would totally become the most memorable day, and would definitely add up to the list of your amazing memories!

savePhoto: DJ Ravish.
Photo: DJ Ravish.

Romantic song for the couple

If there are dance performances going on for the Bridal couple’s Wedding ceremony, then it is obvious that the couple would have to dance as well. For this, you can decide up on having a romantic song for yourself, so that you both do not have to do some heavy and tough steps. All you can do is move around slightly, and be a bit romantic. This would just create an amazing environment, and spread the feeling of love in the air. But for this, the song collection must also be good. You must select a song where you can dance properly, and the one that every one is aware about too. If you dance on the song that people do not know, then they would kind of lose interest in watching it. You can also dedicate songs to your partner, and dance on them! This would make them really happy, and would also make the two of you come closer to each other.

Keeping the function in mind

Keeping the ceremony in mind, you need to select a few songs regarding this particular ceremony as well. There are just too many songs when it comes to Sangeet ceremonies. Well, Bollywood never runs out of such songs. One great example of a Sangeet song can be ‘Dilliwaali Girlfriend’ from ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’. Just like the movie, the song was a big hit as well. So, if you select this song, then the entire crowd would get involved in it as well, and it would be a lot of fun! More than the selection of songs, what you would be wearing on your Sangeet matters more. You can try out Azeah’s outfits, that are just perfect for such occasions! You would be comfortable to dance in it too.

savePhoto: Azeah.
Photo: Azeah.

Slow beats for elders

While doing the selection of the songs, you need to keep in mind that it is not just you, the youth, or the kids dancing on your Sangeet ceremony, but there are elders who would be dancing as well, may it be your parents, or your Uncle’s and Aunt’s. For them, the best thing would be to select songs that have slower beats, compared to the songs that you would be selecting for others. This way, they can easily learn dance beat by beat, and would not have any difficulties as well. In fact, they would enjoy it a lot as well. Here are the tips on knowing as to how to select the perfect DJ!

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

Not too vulgar

There is another thing that you must keep in mind while doing the selection of songs for the big event. You must clearly make sure that the songs that you choose for the dance ceremony are not too vulgar. There would be elders present at the venue as well. Vulgar song would lead to vulgar choreography, and at the end of the day, the elders would feel really awkward and so would you! So, plan the songs that are decent and presentable enough in front of the entire crowd that would be present at your ceremony. Just like the songs, the ceremony must be planned well as well. You can hire The Wedding Soul for an amazing planning, that would not bring you down at all and would rock it, just like the songs.

savePhoto: The Wedding Soul.
Photo: The Wedding Soul.

Also, here are a few tips you can keep in mind while getting ready for your Sangeet ceremony to look extremely beautiful. Song selection is really important when it comes to such a ceremony. You need to select the songs keeping every one present at the venue, right from a small kid, till the eldest person. The songs must make every one groove to the beats, and you would be successful enough.

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