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10 Essential tips to keep in mind while dressing up for your sangeet ceremony

Wedding's most happening event is sangeet ceremony! Dress up the best for it

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Every girl’s dream—if not only aim these days – is to have a fairy tale wedding. With a string of events to celebrate her transition from maiden to being the married woman, it’s only natural to yearn for a celebration that she’d remember for the rest of her days. With all the exciting celebrations marking a wedding ceremony, a girl perhaps finds one particular event close to her heart. The sangeet ceremony, that is! With the dancing, choreography, decking up, and decor details marking the sangeet ceremony, you might almost forget what your look would be like on this day. Perfect look needs an expert and here we present you Amrita Saghavi for your perfect makeover.

savePhoto Source: Amrita Saghavi
Photo Source: Amrita Saghavi

Here are the top tips for dressing right for the sangeet ceremony. Hold your breath; your wedding sangeet will be a fashion high right from minute one, if you keep these tips in mind.

Dress right, dress light 

Dressing right for a wedding sangeet has its own quirks. While the sangeet is an all-important event and you could get dressy, you do need to remember that this is not D-Day. Therefore, stop trying to try too hard to look too gorgeous. Sangeets are generally close-knit affairs with families and close friends. You sure need to ensure that the dress you choose has a cocktail feel to it.

savePhoto Source: Naaz The Designer Boutique
Photo Source: Naaz The Designer Boutique

Avoid heavy fabrics 

No heavy drapes, no sweaty materials or something that is too regal for sangeet day, ladies! The must-try fabrics for a wedding sangeet are tulle, net, chiffon if you are decking up the traditional way.  For those with a contemporarily-themed sangeet, try sticking to lightly layered dresses, breathable maxis and so on. Don’t forget to see How to choose the perfect wedding dress.

Keep the makeup minimal

Coming to your makeup, we suggest that a wedding sangeet needs to be all about your eyes. Keep the lips minimally done up since that can be the focus area on your wedding day. Try doing up a Goth eye or maybe smokey eyes. It’s best to avoid pop-colored eyes since wedding sangeet ceremonies might need to pack in a punch with a performance. Therefore, keep the eye makeup done in a way that there is no risk of getting your eyes smudged. The safest is to use some sheeny bronze base with black or gray on the upper eye. Stick to kohl for the lower eye line and take the game a notch above the rest. We would like to suggest that avoiding pop colors on the eyes for your sangeet ceremony will allow you to experiment with the dress. Forget the age old style of matching your makeup with clothes. That is a big no no in the fashion books of today!

savePhoto Source: Amrita Saghavi
Photo Source: Amrita Saghavi

Avoid weighty accessories   

Accessorizing can actually make or mar your sangeet fashion game. Depending on the kind of dress or ensemble you have picked, you need to pick the accessories. However, do keep in mind that the accessories should complement your ensemble instead of stealing the show. We suggest you keep away from statement jewelry for the day. Go in for clingy or chunky pieces that bring out the bubbliness in you. After all, a sangeet is all about setting your spirit free!

savePhoto: Weddings by Knotty Days
Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days

 Use bright colors 

When planning the right dress for your wedding sangeet, you can always go for bright colors. Instead of getting jazzy on the accessory bits or the makeup parts, invest time to select a color that helps you bring out your true spirit. In fact, we suggest hues such as tangerine, turquoise or even yellow. There is something spunky about the very feel of a wedding sangeet. Your dress color must thoroughly reflect this vibe. In addition, choosing such a color lets you be in high spirits while not letting you appear drained despite all the dancing. One superb tip to bear in mind here is that you can coordinate your sangeet attire with that of your husband-to-be. Sangeet is incomplete without mehendi  see Top 10 Mehndi Artist in Delhi.

savePhoto: Weddings by Knotty Days
Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days

When it comes to choosing the kind of fashion apt for your sangeet night, always stick to trends that are minimalist. You always have the main wedding day to go overboard. However, sangeet fashion is best rooted with lighter styles. This will not only leave you relaxed but will also let you move around freely.

savePhoto: Weddings by Knotty Days
Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days

The bag story 

A small clutch is ideal to flaunt in this department. Envelope clutches are a raging trend today. Make sure you stay away from those box clutches, please!Depending on the foot-tapping schedule for your wedding sangeet, you might need to change your dress once during the course of the night. In such a case, always ensure that your next ensemble is picked in a way that your accessories and make up gel well with that as well.

Keep quick change-over handy

Hairstyle to perfection 

There are tons of sangeet hairstyles that you may pick from. Depending on your hair length and personal style inclinations, pick tress styles that bring out the best of your features. While hair extensions are so much in trend this season, we suggest that you stick to your natural hair and get going around styling the same. For those would-be brides having long hair, you are truly blessed. Curl it, wave it or tousle it—there is no limit to the ideas for hairstyles you can flaunt. For those with shorter hair, try going for styles that highlight your fringes. Do not spend a lot of money of coloring your hair. You can go for highlights and hair coloring techniques such as streaking if you’re so inclined.

savePhoto: Weddings by Knotty Days
Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days

Perfect shoes 

While some might not think about the best shoes to flaunt for their wedding ceremony, we lay special importance on picking these right. After all, shoes complete your ensemble. Try comfortable shoes such as wedges, flat heels, or gladiator heels. We would rather have you wear a gorgeous pair of flats instead of trying to make do with a clingy pair of stilettos.Round up with a frilly funky look. See 5 reasons to get custom wedding shoes.

savePhoto Source: Jimmy Choo
Photo Source: Jimmy Choo

The crux of making your sangeet. Keep things understated yet bright. Keep your dress sheeny yet understated. That, ladies, will help you steal the show on sangeet night. Be ready for your sangeet ceremony by following these tips and enjoy a stress free sangeet. Don’t forget to see How to choose Flower Decoration for your Wedding.

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