Top 5 Makeup Artists If You Love Pastels!

Indian brides have many facets to them. They are neither scared to experiment with the idiosyncratic looks nor do  they have any qualms to pull off the unconventional No Makeup Makeup look, even on their D-day. But it takes a pro to show her craftsmanship to create a bridal look that is subtle yet manages to capture attention with its alluring charm.

This is why, we have listed down the best of the best MUAs, if you are a minimal bride.

Credits: Prerna Khullar
Credits: Prerna Khullar

1. Amrit Kaur Artistry

The name is on everyone’s lips these days and even Bollywood celebrities can’t stop talking about her. Alia Bhatt’s bff Kripa Mehta became the talk of the town a few months back when Amrit Kaur showed her artistry and created magic with #thepowerofmakeup. Amrit Kaur’s uniqueness lies in accentuating the brides eyes & lips, and working on the rest of face with lower tones pastel palette. This formula creates wonders and hence the brides exude an exquisite appeal.


Credits: Amrit Kaur ArtistryLearn more about “Credits: Amrit Kaur Artistry”
Credits: Amrit Kaur Artistry

2. Prerna Khullar

Perna Khullar’s motto is “less is more” and she knows exactly how to use her makeup brushes like wands to create magic. She is ingenious when it comes to using minimal makeup and in still making her brides look like majestic queens. She believes in extending her bride’s personalities with makeup by highlighting her sharp features but not overdoing it.

Credits: Prerna KhullarLearn more about “Credits: Prerna Khullar”
Credits: Prerna Khullar

3. Anchal B Joshi

Pastel is not only about using pure powder color but also glitter pigments. Anchal creatively uses this technique with her pastel palette that upgrades the bridal makeup. The exciting blend of pastel gold glitter for the eyes and standard pastel makeup for the overall face creates a fresh look each time.

Credits: Makeovers by AnchalLearn more about “Credits: Makeovers by Anchal”
Credits: Makeovers by Anchal

4. Karen Sethi MUA

Karen Sethi makes sure you look your best in pastels, whether it is mehendi ceremony, or whether it is your D-day. The specialty of her magical makeup is the way she applies peach and soft pink blush on her bride’s apple’s cheek that does wonder every time and also gives an idiosyncratic look to each bride.

Credits: Karen SethiLearn more about “Credits: Karen Sethi”
Credits: Karen Sethi

5. Bianca Louzado 

Are you a bride who desires minimal than the minimal makeup look? Then Bianca Louzado is here to give to exactly that. It takes an expert like Bianca Louzado to prove the worth of No Makeup Makeup look even for the weddings. Her mastery over this type of makeup is evident in all of her bride’s pictures and the perfect example of it is below.

Credits: Bianca Louzado Learn more about “Credits: Bianca Louzado ”
Credits: Bianca Louzado
*The selection is based on editorial criteria, not advertising. This order is not a ranking.

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