How to Choose Hairstyles According to the Functions!

Every woman loves her hair. So why not make it the best for her!

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You hair is your crowning glory, especially on your Wedding day. After choosing the Wedding Dresses, finding a hairstylist that can suggest you the best hairstyles for every function, according to the dresses is very essential. You can have a look at Hair and Makeup by Shwetha Raju and have an idea about the hairstyles that you can use for your functions, as well as visit her parlor for the same. There are many hairstyles that you can choose from and there are many ways to choose them, to look the best on the special days of your life.

savePhoto: Nishith Dayal Photography.
Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography.

Trying them out


Just like how you try out dresses to see if it suits you or not before purchasing it, it is necessary for you to try the hairstyles as well. Every Bride has a different face structure, and every hairstyle can not go with every structure. Experimentation is very necessary beforehand. You can start with this process long back in time, for being more relaxed, as choosing hairstyles in the last minute will just increase your stress level, if you don’t find the right one on time.

According to the season

Your hairstyles can be chosen according to the seasons as well. If you are marrying in Summer, you might want your hair to be tied up in a bun or somewhat that way, because the humidity in the atmosphere might make you uneasy with the heavy dresses that you would be wearing. If you are marrying in Winter, you might want your hair to be open so that you feel a bit warm!

According to the dress

You hairstyle matters a lot according to your dress as well. If your dress is really heavy, then there is no point at all in having a heavy hair-do. Tying it up in a bun or tying it up any ways would look decent, and you would be extremely comfortable in it. If you are wearing a gown, wavy hairstyle would look the best on you. If you are wearing a traditional dress and something sleeveless, then a French Pleat will look amazing!

savePhoto: Hair and makeup by Shwetha Raju.
Photo: Hair and makeup by Shwetha Raju.


Your Wedding is either going to be indoors or outdoors. You can also choose your hairstyles accordingly! If you are marrying indoors, you would not want your hair coming till your neck and irritating you. Similarly, if you are marrying indoors, you would prefer pinning up your hair, for a peaceful function!


Wear a hairstyle only if it comfortable for you. Uncomfortable hairstyles cause uneasiness, and would not allow you to have fun at your own Wedding! There are many hair accessories that have been introduced off-late like tiara’s, crowns, and what not. There are some dresses with which these accessories look extremely pretty, and people might ask you to wear them, as you would look nothing less than a Princess. But do NOT wear them unless and until you are comfortable with it!

savePhoto: Hair and Makeup by Shwetha Raju.
Photo: Hair and Makeup by Shwetha Raju.

 Don’t experiment 

There are some people who love experimenting, no matter when it is. Make sure you do not do something disastrous with your hair at the last moment like chop it off too short, color it in an ugly color, or whatever it may be. Just remember that you have to be the best and look the best, as it is YOUR day!

Hair texture

Different hairstyles go with different hair textures. Silky and smooth hair can be put in to many hairstyles, and wavy hair can be put up in to braids. When it comes to frizzy hair, you can choose to tie them up and apply a hair spray to keep them intact.

savePhoto: Hair and makeup by Shwetha Raju.
Photo: Hair and makeup by Shwetha Raju.

 Perfect hairstyles are like beautiful crowns on a Bride’s head. They matter a lot according to the dress type you wear, the texture of your hair, the way you keep your hair, the face structure have, and many more things that can be lined up! If you have a pretty hairstyle on your Wedding day, you would also want the memories of the look and the hard work that was put behind the perfect look. So, to capture these moments, you can call up on Nishith Dayal Photography for an amazing photo shoot!

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