Wedding Season Makeup How-To's: By Our Brand's Beauty Ambassador Namrata Soni

Get a flawless finish to your wedding look and basic makeup how-to's, by our beauty brand ambassador Namrata Soni.

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The wedding season can be harsh on your skin, but if you follow these steller tips by our beauty guru Namrata Soni’s, it will ensure your skin stays on point and your makeup looks flawless.

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Namrata Soni

Base Base Base! 


No matter how good a concealer or foundation you use, the key to a flawless look is ‘radiant skin‘ according to Soni, in fact, it’s the ‘key to beauty’ she says. For Soni, it starts with a good skin care regime. Prep your skin, it is the after all the true base of your makeup. Wash and moisturise, using products that suit your skin type. Lastly and perhaps the most important tip Soni can give any client is, ‘always apply sunscreen’.

Pro Tip: ‘Always start by moisturising your face. I do not apply makeup without following this cardinal rule’.

Namrata Soni

The Foundation Says It All 

Remember its all about the shade! once you find your perfect match, apply your foundation keeping it light, don’t overdo it or it will look cakey, and there’s nothing worse says Soni.  If you have problem areas, once your foundation is set, dab a bit your concealer over those spots.

Pro Tip: Blend, blend, and blend again, the flawless finish is in the blending! Never use the back of the wrist to test foundation shades. Always use the side of your face. Try two or three shades in a row to see which one works the best.

Namrata Soni

Colour Me Up!

Once your base is done, start with your eyes, move on to your lips and end with a final touch of highlighter and or blush along your cheekbones for the glam factor. Soni recommends that you highlight your best assets, ‘instead of looking for what to correct, I focus on bringing out their best features’. So if you have beautiful eyes play those up, or got a pout? then that should be your main statement. Just remember that if you’re going heavy with the eyes, tone down the lips, or vice versa. Too much makeup is never a good look.

Pro Tip: If you want to follow current bridal trends and achieve a matte finish to your makeup, simply use an oil-control lotion or blotting paper. For a quick fix? lightly dab your powder over your T-Zone.

Namrata Soni

Soni’s Rule of Three: Embrace it. Celebrate it. And work it!

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