Hairstyles and bridal makeup for a classic wedding

You will definitely want to be the prettiest of all the ladies and there is no way you should compromise with your make-up and hair for that!

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The look of the classic bride should be the reflection of an elegant and discreet woman who does not think twice when it comes to following the rituals and traditions of marriage. The options of bridal hairstyles and makeups for a classic wedding should be based on a timeless concept of style and elegance. Have a look at 10 Things Need to Take Care While Choosing Bridal Makeup

Photo: Jharna Shah


The hairstyles should always be done in a harmonious way with the biotype and cut of the dress and receive accessories and chords with the time of the ceremony. Longer headdresses and veils, plus tiaras full of pebbles are best suited for weddings held at night. For daytime weddings, delicate headbands and discreet appliques become two of the best choices! Read about How to choose different hairstyles for your wedding


Coques are the star of the classic brides, because they are practical and extremely elegant, as they leave the face uncovered and value the neck and the jewels. Sohni Juneja will be a good choice to make. They can be high, low, medium or lateral – the choice depends on the shape of the face and the bride’s taste. Currently we see the braids participating more and more of this type of hairstyle and providing a romantic and barer appearance.

savePhoto: Sohni Juneja
Photo: Sohni Juneja


This hairstyle, which has long been part of our day to day, has gained form and has taken the international catwalks for the next season! The ponytail in retro style, high and wavy, creates a light and passionate look. The low tail can come with smooth or wavy strands and gives the bride a contemporary and refined air when she comes up with lush and glamorous accessories such as maxi earrings – a real luxury! Read How to Get Perfect Bridal Makeup

Tied hair

The bride has other stylish hairstyle options, such as wavy and structured hairstyles. The corrugated can receive volume at the root and have their curls attached to the nape of the neck using accessories such as headbands and small tabs – which give a touch of brightness to the production. The structured hairstyles are elaborated with extreme skill; each wick is worked mill metrically, creating numerous possibilities for the bride. Sabrina Suhail can be your best choice for this.

Photo: Tanvi Bansal Makeup Artist


To achieve a classic look, the bride should opt for a timeless makeup that is capable of translating its essence and is in accordance with its taste and personality which can be done perfectly by Tanvi Bansal. Lighted skins and shades in neutral colors are the most indicated, as they highlight their beauty in a light and natural way!

savePhoto: Makeup by Sabrina Suhail
Photo: Makeup by Sabrina Suhail


Clean-looking makeup enchants by its romantic and super feminine air and they are the most indicated for classic ceremonies carried out during the day. The skin appears brighter with blush blends or tanning powders, and the eyes get earthy tones and nuances of gold! See these Top 10 Bridal Makeup artists in Bangalore

Photo: Jharna Shah

Striking looks

Evening weddings call for a more elaborate makeup, with powerful eyes and balanced, healthy-looking skin. The shades are presented in neutral colors, finished with eyelashes and false eyelashes, as well as very well designed eyebrows, making the look even more expressive and charming! Jharna Shah will make your looks even more charming than they already are!

Photo: Makeup by Sabrina Suhail

Lips in the Spotlight

Lips marked with strong colors, such as variations of red and wine, remain as one of the great trends for 2017 and give the bride a daring and seductive face. The balance is achieved through a soft makeup, with well-lit eyes, topped with lots of mascara and delicate and delicate outline! Find the best for yourself from these Top 5 Bridal makeup artists in Mumbai

savePhoto: Sohni Juneja
Photo: Sohni Juneja

If you are in doubt about the production of your big day, try it out in advance and ask for help from a trusted professional because this choice is one of the determining factors for achieving a sensational look! Enjoy checking How to Choose Hairstyles According to the Functions!

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