10 Things Need to Take Care While Choosing Bridal Makeup

Make-up is just as important as your bridal outfit. Let's make it come out as the possible best one.

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Choosing make-up for your wedding can be as tricky as getting your dress designed. You will come across a lot of option to choose form, various make-up artists with differing tastes. To look your best on your wedding day and on all the other events, you need to have a thoughtful decision about which make-up you are going to go with, to help you with this we have our Tejasvini Chander Makeup Artist who will get your glamour to the top.

While your make-up artist is getting you ready and all dolled up for your wedding events, you need to first ensure some important things and watch out certain tricks to help yourself believe that your make-up is not going to be a false decision for you. Some of these points are:

Watch it

Make sure that you are wearing a t-shirt while you are getting your make-up test so that you know how exactly it looks with a pale color and doesn’t come to you as a disaster afterwards.

Daylight test

After having your make-up test done, take a picture of yourself in a bright daylight (or anywhere without flash) so that you are more sure about your decision before purchasing it.

savePhoto: Tejasvini Chander Makeup Artist
Photo: Tejasvini Chander Makeup Artist

Correct colors

Your bridal dress is not like those dresses you wear on any other days. So, to make sure that your make up goes perfectly with your dress’s shades, choose the right colors and proportionate them in correct amount.

Comfort zone

Not only the jewelry and the outfit, one has to be comfortable with the make-up too. If she doesn’t, it will appear like a forced session to others. Let your make-up be such that you don’t feel too much conscious about yourself all the time. It is meant to make you look beautiful not uncomfortable.

savePhoto: Tejasvini Chander Makeup Artist
Photo: Tejasvini Chander Makeup Artist

Daylight events

In an Indian wedding, there are numerous events, some of them in the daylight time. Most of the photographs in the events apart from the wedding night are preferred to be taken naturally. So, to look stunning in candid photographs, go for light makeup, it will make you look more authentic and stunning. Heavy make may even turn out to as a photo spoiler and also, getting heavy make in earlier events will make your main event look common. So, think twice before putting make-up on.

Consider the climate

Wedding attires are largely influenced by the climatic conditions in which you are getting married. If your make-up is not compromising with the weather, it will make a disaster. See if it’s hot, humid, cold or rainy and pick up your choices accordingly.

Don’t settle for less

It’s your wedding day, and you are the show stopper here. Try out different make-up artists and settle for the one you feel is worth having.

savePhoto: Tejasvini Chander Makeup Artist
Photo: Tejasvini Chander Makeup Artist

Skin friendly

Let your make-up content be such that it is suitable for your skin. Not everyone has the same skin and not all make-ups are made for your skin, before trying anything on your face, ensure that it will not cause any bad reactions to it.

Expiry date

Check the date of manufacturing and everything before buying the product, as you do before buying anything.

Quality product

Make sure that whatever product you are buying or whatever product your make-up artist is using is a quality product and has good results in previous trials.

savePhoto: Tejasvini Chander Makeup Artist
Photo: Tejasvini Chander Makeup Artist

So girls, take some time out from your schedule and let the make-up session begin with our make-up artist to choose from Bridal Beauty in India and also check out How to Make Your Mother-in-law Love you Forever: 4 Easy Steps

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