10 Things every Bride should have on the Wedding day

There are many things that a Bride cannot miss on her wedding day, So here is a list of 10 things that every bride must have on her wedding day. Starting with the most traditional to the most essential, this is the list of what every bride should take or may need on her big day. Have a look!

Every bride should wear something new within her wedding attire. It may be the dress, shoes, and some piece of jewelry. Whatever remembers that the new will represent the future status of the couple.

Something new

Every bride should wear something new within her wedding attire. It may be the dress, shoes, and some piece of jewelry. Whatever remembers that the new will represent the future status of the couple.

Nikhil Arora
Photo: Nikhil Arora

Something Ritual

Not to forget the ties with family and something traditional and rituals is used in Indian Weddings, it can be anything from clothing or jewelry, Mehndi, Haldi or something from your grandmother or your mother.

Nikhil Arora
Photo: Nikhil Arora

Something old

The old represents the feelings of the couple. If there is a family heirloom that could be implemented in your wedding that’s how old you can choose, as the veil, an old necklace or earrings, or some detail, like a watch, although this is not the view of the rest.

 Nikhil Arora
Photo: Nikhil Arora

Something Red

Implement something Red on your wedding day or everything to be Red, it represents purity of Indian weddings and not always a compulsory to wear red you can go for other color.

The above four points are very famous and traditional but you can opt to choose only one, and even can be mixed New and Rituals. It’s your wedding day, and therefore your decision.

 Nikhil Arora
Photo: Nikhil Arora

Some Attractive Shoes

The shoes that you chose for your dream wedding is also an important for every bride to look prettier, but remember that at midnight your feet want to rest.

Mahima Bhatia
Photo: Mahima Bhatia

Dance the Night away

Besides bringing you attractive shoes, you also need to choose a music and entertainment service to put the best environment on your big day.

Tarun Jha
Photo: Tarun Jha

Makeup touch-up

With all the hustle of the day you probably need a little touch up your makeup, ask some of the ladies or your mom keep your, sanitary napkins, an analgesic, pins to touch up your hair, makeup, lip and mascara in your emergency kit. Better prevent than regret! Discover the things that all brides should make their wedding day.

Tarun Jha
Photo: Tarun Jha


Whether silk is always good to have on hand a handkerchief. Anything can happen and most likely need it if they reach your eyes flooded with tears because of the emotion on the wedding day.

Photo: pexels

Lehnga, Gold, Relatives

Without any of these three elements your wedding will be incomplete, and that is why we must confirm that whoever is in charge of them take it to the wedding destination.

 Nikhil Arora
Photo: Nikhil Arora

The last and most Important

Do not forget the Groom, without him there is no wedding. While it is obvious to say it without Groom your dreams will be dream. Groom is here to make your day as wedding day. This is your day enjoy it.

Nikhil Arora
Photo: Nikhil Arora

For everything to be perfect on the day of the wedding, we recommend to take care of these steps for creating the best wedding and to make unforgettable. It will help you to organize and shape each and every stage of your big day so that everything will as it is always dreamed of.

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