The Modern Bride: 5 ways to stand out on your big day

Here at Zankyou, we believe that every bride should feel confident and unique on their wedding day, so trade in some traditions for these more out-there looks, and stand out from the crowd!

The Modern Bride: 5 ways to stand out on your big day
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Indian weddings are beautifully rooted in tradition, and that’s a fact. Traditional ceremonies certify your love in a ritualistic, more spiritual way, as two families come together in harmony – if that’s not worth celebrating, what is? Nevertheless, modern Indian brides are finding new ways to stand out on their big day, without sacrificing the traditional essence of their wedding.


The modern bride is fashion-forward, cosmopolitan and looking to make a statement on the most special day of her life. So we’ve come up with five not-so-traditional ideas that she can incorporate into her look, to really feel unique:

1. Pastel Colours

It is a longstanding tradition that the bride wears a red lehenga on her wedding day, usually with gold embellishments. Although this is a beautiful tradition, and a red colour looks great cast against dark shiny hair and golden skin, more and more brides are deciding to change things up a bit.

That’s why we are proposing that you consider lighter colours for your wedding look. Ivory, silver, nude and other pastel colours are lighter for summer, and have a whimsical, ethereal quality to them. Embroidered with lace and embellished with pearls, jewels, these Indian wedding styles are unique and very much on-trend for 2018 brides.

Check out this article for great ways to incorporate nude into your wedding day.

2. Backless Style

Brides are loving the backless wedding trend, and so are we. The Backless Bride dazzles from all angles, she’s elegant and classy. Usually, she’s chosen a modern, backless lehenga choli that frames her back with golden embroidery, to look both sexy and beautiful. These brides have self-assuredly added a glimpse of sensuality to their look, without compromising their traditional dress length.

There are other ways to show off your back in your wedding outfit. Try a glamorous backless half-saree, a mesh-backed dress or a backless gown with a pretty bow. You’ll make for an empowered and confident focal point on your wedding day, and your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

3. Even More Bling

Jewellery in abundance is perhaps one of the most exciting things about being a bride, you can sparkle all day. So why not have even more of it?

It doesn’t have to stop at the dangly earrings, the head pieces, the bracelets and the necklaces. Have bling incorporated all over your wedding outfit. Lehenga’s and Sarees embellished from head to toe, jewelled hairpieces, extra arm bangles… there’s no such thing as too much!

Another way to make your bejewelled look feel more unique is to use contrasting colours. Traditionally, brides tend to match their jewellery with their outfit, such as green gems on a green gown. Well, it’s time to mix it up – use a contrasting colour palette to really make your jewellery pop.

4. Surprise Transport

Your wedding will be extravagant, there’s no doubt about that, but it should also say something about you. If a fairytale carriage or a decorated car is not your style of transport, then arrive on whatever you want to, like a horse for example. Although horses are majestical, gentle creatures, they are often associated with regal power, and for this reason the groom often arrives on one to the ceremony. But this is the era of the modern, empowered and confident bride. If she wants to arrive on a horse, then she should go for it.

By arriving on a unique mode of transport like a beautiful horse, you will surprise your guests and feel as though all the attention is on you – and rightly so!

5. Show-stopping Make-up

Often, brides choose the flawless look of natural skin tones, lightly illuminated eyes and a red lipstick. However, we’re loving the smoky-eye look, paired with nude lips. This look takes the attention from the lips and adds drama to the eyes. It’s bold, smouldering and glamorous. Your eyes are important: they were the first part of you that your groom saw, and you will be looking into his eyes as you say your vows. So make a statement and make them pop.

It’s necessary to remember with the smoky-eye look that nude coloured lips are the perfect companion. Having a red lip colour as well as dark eyes means that there are two focal points on your face and takes the attention away from either one of them.

Here at Zankyou, we believe that every bride should feel confident and unique on their wedding day, so trade in some traditions for these more ‘out-there’ looks, and stand out from the crowd!


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