5 Reasons Why You Need An Online Wedding Gift List

A personalised website and cash gift list is most certainly the way forward for your modern wedding. It’s easy, practical and the best way to ensure that all of your lovely guests can choose to put their money towards something that you’ll need in your new life together.

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Although most couples don’t expect anything more from their guests than their attendance, they tend to become inundated with presents and tokens of gratitude from well-wishers. Modern Indian couples, however, are trading in the traditional method of receiving presents for something easier and a lot more practical.


Gone are the days when you receive the same five sets of crockery, savvier brides and grooms are signing up with Zankyou’s personalised wedding website and cash gift list service. There are already 350,000 couples worldwide who have already signed up to use this service and are thrilled with this feature, where you’ll receive the cash rather than the actual gift. It’s simply the best way to get all of your guests in one place and to ensure they don’t worry about bringing a physical gift to the big day, You create the website and you decide what you’d love your guests to spend their money on. Whether it’s cash to decorate your first home as newlyweds, a token towards your honeymoon or a particular item you and your significant other have been dreaming of for years, you can sort it all out through Zankyou.

Here are 5 more reasons why a cash gift list is the best option for your wedding:

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1. The Easy E-Gift

Think about all the weddings you have been too, where the couple are either given things they will never use or it doesn’t match their tastes and then there are those times when they receive the same gift multiple times. At the end of the day how many pressure cookers can you own? At some point, these presents eventually get recycled that is if they even see the light of day.

Even from the viewpoint of a guest, buying a present for a bride and groom is no easy task.  So by providing options for your guests, it actually helps them too! They know that the money spent on your wedding present will be valued, used and not passed on as a birthday present to someone else.

2. Have An Extravagant Honeymoon

In recent years, families devote so much of their time and money on planning the wedding, that often the honeymoon is neglected. To have a grand wedding and a luxurious honeymoon in one hit, is not always that easy or affordable, not to mention securing the time off work! This is where Zankyou and the cash gift list comes in, through this service you can ask guests to contribute to not just material household goods for your new home, but experiences you and your partner want to share together.


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3. Options For All

In India, it is not unusual to receive a cash gift, but let’s face it, these are modern times, everything is wireless or at the click of a button even shagun.  With this service, guests have the ability to choose how much they want to contribute and to which item on your list.  They can personalise their contribution with lovely messages, which you can print and keep forever. They are happy you appreciate their token, after all, it is what you want or need, so it is a win-win situation!

4. International Ease 

Did we mention that a cash gift list with Zankyou is a lot easier?

As we are an international company that is present in 23 countries, our services are available in 9 languages and guests can make gift contributions in 11 currencies. This means anyone getting married, anywhere, can share this list with their guests from around the world.

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5. Real-Time Access

It takes 2-3 business days to transfer your money from Zankyou into your Paypal account. This time period is for Zankyou to check the security of your payments, we handle over 1 million gifts a year, so you are guaranteed a great serviceThe website is quick and easy to use, with simple instructions and a live chat service. There is also an app, so you can manage it wherever you are from your phone. Creating your personal wedding website is completely free, and you can put everything on there from your arrangements and travel directions, to your all-important seating plan.

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We hope you’re persuaded by now, that a  personalised website and cash gift list is most certainly the way forward for your modern wedding. It’s easy, practical and the best way to ensure that all of your lovely guests can choose to put their money towards something that you’ll need in your new life together.

So organise your cash gift list with Zankyou, the most visited wedding portal in the world.


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